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Venkat Raman

Managing stress can be a simple exercise with a positive mental attitude but its application could pose a challenge experts say.

Vedantic Philosopher Madathumkandy (M K) Angajan will demonstrate the process during his nightly lectures and discourses in Auckland next week.

He will speak on ‘The Dynamics of Mind’ on July 17, on ‘Approach to Stress Management’ on July 18 and on ‘The Price of Happiness’ on July 19, 2018.

The discourses, which are open and free for all, will be held at Mt Roskill War Memorial Hall, located at 13 May Road in Mt Roskill. The programme will commence each night at 730 pm and conclude at 900 pm.

Engagement with people

Auckland based New Zealand Vedanta Education Society Inc is organising his visit to New Zealand next month for three nightly discourses.

Event Convenors Rajendran (Raj) and Shanta Naidu said that Mr Angajan engages with people well since his speeches and discourses are always useful and interesting.

Mr Angajan said that the human mind is clouded by a number of negative emotions including hatred, jealousy, anger, arrogance and greed.

“It is essential to remove such negative emotions and condition the mind towards positive thinking. Effective decisions are those that are right decisions,” he said.

Three factors for success

According to him, there are three criteria for worldly success, namely efforts that are enjoyable, reaching the set goal and enjoying what has been achieved.

He said that Vedanta comprises laws and principles of life and living propounded by Rishis (learned sages) of ancient India. It is a time-tested philosophy that awakens people to the true wealth, which is the inner peace.

“While meditation is one of the ways of seeking inner peace, a sustainable achievement would be to follow the principles of Vedanta. One who achieves clarity of thought and purity of emotions will have success accompanied by happiness,” Mr Angajan said.

He established the ‘Life Mastery Foundation,’ which is dedicated to the study, research and dissemination of value education, principal-cantered living, life skills; as well as higher human values, philosophical, cultural, and moral educational.

Through the Foundation, Mr Angajan helps people globally, from all walks of life, to overcome depression, enhance their Happiness Quotient, and combine dynamic action with mental peace; balance high ambition and performance without the frustration.


Photo Caption: M K Angajan

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