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Issue 359 December 1, 2016

The Ninth Annual Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards Presentation Ceremony held on Monday, November 28, 2016 at the Sky City Convention Centre in Auckland was in many ways a trend-setter.

The event, which had the good fortune of the presence of political, corporate, business and community leaders, brought to the fore one indisputable factor – that the Indian business community has matured to participate in every sector of the New Zealand economy and that Indian investors and entrepreneurs are wealth creators.

The list of winners may not be entrants in the country’s Who is Who directory.

Emerging champions

That itself is a great thing, for our Business Awards are about exploring new organisations that are partners in economic progress; those making a hitherto quiet statement of their propensity to invest; propensity to employ and propensity to foster economic wellbeing.

Unique in its extent and format, the Awards Scheme has encouraged small, medium and large companies owned, managed, and franchised by people of Indian origin to compete in various categories.

While the annual Awards Ceremony is celebrated as one of the most important events in the social and business calendar of New Zealand, this newspaper continues to consider innovative initiatives and progressive programmes.

Companies of Indian origin are coming of age in New Zealand. It is time they put in place robust business plans, smart strategies and corporate governance that conform to international standards. It is also time they competed globally and reap the rewards of success.

The Lecture

While these Awards projects exist as a part of our duty towards the country and the resident communities, we felt the need to encourage New Zealanders in general and those in public and corporate entities in particular to appreciate and practice tenets of Accountability, Transparency and Integrity as an integral part of Good Governance. These are in fact enshrined in the life and works of Rt Hon Sir Anand Satyanand.

Thus was born the Indian Newslink Sir Anand Satyanand Lecture in July 2011 as a non-political and non-commercial Project intended to bring the best of the intellect available to speak at the annual event. We are hopeful that it would grow and progress as an Institution that befits the name with which it is associated.

Publications have since long come out of the confines of the media industry, reaching out to the larger section of the community. It is therefore not uncommon for newspapers to be involved in social and community welfare programmes, promote cultural shows and participate in activities that touch the core of the society.

Growing brands

Your favourite newspaper achieved a significant milestone in 2003 when it launched the annual Indian Newslink Fast Find Business Directory. Known for its compact, user-friendly and indexed format, the publication is considered to be a useful and valuable companion at both home and office.

The Indian Newslink Indian Sports Awards were launched in 2012 to recognise and reward achievers of Indian origin in New Zealand in various sports categories. The Awards Programme has expanded to include many other categories.

Our Salutations

As these products flourish as Indian Newslink brands, we would like to raise a toast to all those who have been a part of these during their formative years, those who came and went in later years, those who form the current team and those who continue to support these in one form or the other.

From editors, reporters and stringers and thumbnail artists, layout personnel and production experts to marketing executives, distributors, sponsors, advertisers, readers and well-wishers, we say, “These brands have become successful because of your encouragement and patronage. We salute you!”

Indian Newslink is published by Indian Newslink Limited from its offices located at Level 1, Number 166, Harris Road, East Tamaki, Auckland 2013 and printed at Horton Media Limited, Auckland. All material appearing here and on our web editions are the copyright of Indian Newslink and reproduction in full or part in any medium is prohibited. Indian Newslink and its management and staff do not accept any responsibility for the claims made in advertisements.

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