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Entries open to the 11th Annual Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards

Venkat Raman

Health and Safety at workplace has become an issue of concern as the government faces the challenge of regulating commercial establishments to adopt standards and procedures to optimise the wellbeing of staff.

Poor Record

New Zealand has a poor record on workplace safety compared with similar developed nations.

The Pike River Mine Disaster, which killed 29 workers and contractors caused by a methane explosion on November 19, 2010 accentuated the phase of legislation.

Parliament passed into Law the ‘Health and Safety at Work 2015 Act,’ which came into effect on September 4, 2015.

Among other things, the Act aims to protect workers and other persons against harm to their health, safety, and welfare by eliminating or minimising risks arising from work or from prescribed high-risk plant.

The Challenges

While manufacturing companies and other production-oriented industries are governed by special rules and regulations, the retail sector, comprising food and beverage has come under focus in recent years. Restaurants and Takeaways are of specific concern to the Auckland Council which recently placed 26 eateries in the City in ‘D’ and ‘E’ grades, meaning that they are unfit to operate their business and that public health is at serious risk.

The Act replaced the duties owed by employers, owners and principals with a broader duty owed by ‘Persons Conducting a Business or Undertaking’ or ‘PCBU.’

According to the new Legislation, a PCBU must ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that nobody is put at risk from the work carried out, with all workers enjoying the same level of protection regardless of the working relationship. The Act also provides tougher penalties for non-compliance than the previous regime.

Increasing Awareness

Following stringent controls and inspection reports, there is increasing awareness on Health and Safety issues among small and medium businesses, especially those that are owner-operated with a handful of employees.

Many companies have put in place systems and procedures that ensure the Health and Safety of employees, customers, suppliers, guests and others who may visit them.

Health and Safety Award

As a part of our efforts to encourage companies to promote appropriate measures and recognise and applaud organisations that exemplify health and safety, we have introduced a new category in this year’s Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards.

‘Business Excellence in Health and Safety’ is open to all commercial organisations, owned, managed, franchised and operated by people of Indian origin.

Chad Wilkie, Chairman of our Panel of Distinguished Judges, independent of Indian Newslink, has deliberated on this new Category and evolved the eligibility criteria, entry form and tips to answer questions.

These are now available on our dedicated Awards website- www.indiannewslink.com

As in the past years, we will conduct three Workshops, one each in May, June and July 2018, details of which will be announced in due course.

About Our Business Awards

Since its launch ten years ago, Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards have become a benchmark for recognition of excellence among businesses owned, managed, franchised and operated by people of Indian origin in New Zealand.

There are now 15 categories (from mere eight in 2008), ten of which are Corporate or Company Categories and five are Individual Categories. Winners in the first ten categories qualify to enter the ‘Supreme Business of the Year Award.’

Unique in its extent and format, the Awards Scheme has encouraged small, medium and large companies owned, managed, franchised and operated by people of Indian origin to compete in various categories.

Companies of Indian origin are coming of age in New Zealand. It is time they put in place robust business plans, smart strategies and corporate governance that conform to international standards. It is also time they competed globally and reaped the rewards of success.


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