Like the Moon above, this singer captivates your heart

Venkat Raman

While talent is often said to be inborn, its development depends on parental patronage and societal support, augmented by appropriate opportunities, personifying all of which is Apurva Anand, a teenager who is making waves in the world of music.

She calls herself ‘Moon,’ to perhaps symbolise the enchantment and inspiration that it provides to people on earth.Her voice is packed with power and depth, promising her a bright future should she continue to evince interest in the art.

Impressive track

There are reasons to believe that she will go places and make people hear, the most convincing of is the track that the fourteen-year-old published last month.

Called, ‘Daydreaming,’ it is a song that she wrote and performed with such passion that it was easy to discern that the words emerged from her heart.

And her performance at Miss Indianz 2018 held at Mahatma Gandhi Centre on September 15, 2018 was par excellence. There were moments when Apurva sounded as though there was a soprano on stage- probably there was.

Born in Chennai,Apurva moved to New Zealand with her family when she was two years old in October of 2005.

Currently a student at Howick College, she hopes to pursue higher studies in Neuroscience and Psychology and become a professional, applying Psychology in Criminology and Law.

We have known her father, Anand Srinivasan as an insurance specialist with a heart, who fights for clients with insurers like a lion and serves people like a volunteer, but we learnt that he is a talented guitarist while interviewing Moon.

Lennon and Denver

The father-daughter combination could perhaps produce another version of ‘Imagine’ (by John Lennon)’ ‘Imagine all the people sharing the world.’

That would also be in tune with Moon’s ambition of writing ‘plenty of songs’ and evolving her own musical style.

John Denver mesmerised the world with his ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads,’ in 1971 and it is heartening that teenager Moon is equally captivated by the song.

“The lyrics of this song helped me capture a vivid image of the nostalgia in the song and it made me realise how song-writing is such an amazing and powerful tool to invoke images and convey messages to an audience, thus invoking a spark in me,” she said.

Passion with Piano

While writing songs and performing them were her wont since her formative years, Moon said that she realised her passion in the art when she started to learn the Piano.

She was a performer while at Primary School but did not take up opportunities to appear in public until she commenced her Piano lessons.

Her Piano teacher encouraged Moon to compose originals and find waysof adding lyrics to her compositions on the Piano.

“I truly learned how to sing from the heart by writing from the heart and I feel as it has helped me in becoming a better performer as well as a singer.”

‘Roses’ spread fragrance

We told her that her latest song, ‘Roses,’ was reminiscent of Don Maclean and Bob Dylan.

Moon said that these famous singers were a source of inspiration.

“They pour so much emotion into their music and the lyrics in their songs that they appeal as meaningful and poetic. The metaphors and comparisons between the seasons and nature to the confusion in love, in my latest single ‘Roses,’ is a form of poetic lyricism, where I subtly ask questions and find answers throughout the song.

Emotions create melody

Moon is a refreshing melody maker, as against all the noise that we hear today.

She admits that she is bound by emotions but a strong-willed girl.

“I have always been interested in expressing my opinions and making them heard, but ensuring that it is respected,” she said.

Moon writes, composes and sings her songs, she gets them produced at a professional studio owned and managed by professional music composers and producers.

“The process begins as I provide a finished song on my instrument of choice. I compose mainly on the piano and then work around barriers to create an interesting timbre of which instruments fit the message of the song and the genre and musical direction,” she said.

Links to Moon’s Songs:

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Her single can be heard on Spotify, iTunes and Music Video YouTube.

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