Link with people gets stronger by the fortnight

It is a pleasure and privilege to contribute to Indian Newslink, one of the largest ethnic newspapers in New Zealand

As its South Island Correspondent based in Christchurch for many years, I had heard people saying that when it was launched in November 1999 that it would be a newspaper only for Indians.

However, it has emerged as an important newspaper covering almost everything, with its copies circulated across New Zealand.

Happily, it constitutes regular reading material on the desks of the political powerhouse, both in Government and Opposition as well among the people.

Indian Newslink today appeals to the wider public, across cultures and interests, adding credibility to this newspaper, issue after issue.

I feel proud to be associated with this newspaper, supplying news and articles from the South Island regularly.

Rising popularity

It is a great feeling to watch its rising popularity and growth from strength to strength.

It is definitely the appreciation for the unbiased pure journalism that it offers and the credit goes to every member of the Indian Newslink team.

It is again a matter of pride that this newspaper is commended by political, business and community leaders and ordinary New Zealanders for its editorial content, production value and unbiased approach.

Wider reach

New Zealand being one of the favourite migrant destinations, Indians live and work in every town and city across New Zealand.

The Indian community is widely recognised as a major contributor to the progress of the economy and Indians are respected for their skills and talent that they bring to their professions and the cultural and social heritage that they accrue to the society.

Indian News Link is the flag holder of the whole Indian community, catering to their needs, assisting them in integrating to the mainstream population.

This newspaper is the link between two great cultures, two peoples and two Nations.

The annual Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards is being praised as a great venture promoting Indian businesses in New Zealand and the Awards Night is attended by more than 800 people across the business and political spectrum.

I wish Indian Newslink well on its 14th Anniversary, and offer prayers for its continuing journey and strengthening its prime motto of supplying unbiased Journalism in the Aotearoa New Zealand.

Dr George Abraham has been covering events and development in and around Christchurch and his reports on the Earthquake that rocked the City in 2011 evinced wide interest. Connecting to people of all cultures is his passion. The file picture here shows former Prime Minister Helen Clark at the Samoan Christchurch Rally held in Christchurch weeks before the general election held in November 2008.

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