Lord Balaji gets Carnatic music treat in Hamilton

Malathi Vasudevan

As per tradition, 41 days after the Kumbhabhishekam (held on March 9, 2015 as reported in our April 15, 2015 issue), Sri Balaji Temple Trust (Hamilton) celebrated ‘Mandala Pooja’ on April 19, 2015.

Due to bad weather, the event had a small audience but was fortunate to have the presence of ardent devotees from Auckland, Wellington and other cities.

Piety Personified

The Pooja involved a comprehensive Abhishekam of all the installed Deities including Ganapathi, Subramaniar and the Navagrahas.

With Vastram (dresses) and ornaments donated earlier, the deities were then displayed with full ‘Alankaram’ (Decoration) followed by Maha Prasadam (Divine Offering).

A grand Kalyanotsavam or Marriage of the Lord to his consorts with all couples present added colour to the proceedings.

Inaugural Concert

Lord Balaji gets- The Main Deity with ConsortsAmong the highlights of the ‘Inaugural Season of the Temple’ was a music concert by Dr Pantula Rama, a renowned Carnatic Music singer from India.

Held on May 29, 2015, the event featured H N Bhaskar on the Violin and Ravichandira on Mridangam.

Although the Trust had organised three classical concerts in the past three years, the performance of Dr Pantula Rama is regarded as the inaugural concert for the Temple in the Divine Presence of the Deities.

For Web Edition-Lord Balaji gets- Dr Pantula Rama with Malathi VasudevanThe Concert started with ‘Gajavadanam Ashraye’ in Kedharam (an invocation for Lord Ganesha), followed by the ever-popular ‘Sriman Narayana’ for the Presiding Deity.

The artistes presented Hamsanandi (Srinivasa) and Mohanam (Nannu Palimpa) in the traditional Kutcheri Paddati with Ragam and Swaram.

Then followed a couple of delightful Annamacharya Kirtanams set to tune by Dr Rama and the famous ‘Brahmam Okate.’

Forsaking the popular Kapi version of ‘Jo Achyuthanantha’, Dr Rama presented it as the original version sung by Annamaya himself. This was appropriate for the new Temple and its Lord.

Resident Priest Gopalacharyulu performed the Maha Arathi at the end of the Concert, leading to Maha Prasadam.

Warming the Temple

With the onset of winter, the Temple and its devotees are in urgent need of ten heat pumps. Donations, big or small, would be very welcome and can be direct deposited into Westpac Account No. 03-1568-0478167-00.

Please visit our website www.sribalaji.co.nz or our Facebook Page Hamilton Balaji.

Further details can be obtained from Bala Bhaskar Tikkisetty (Chairperson), Nagan Suppiah (Secretary), Malathi Vasudevan (Treasurer), Muttiah Paranthaman (Trustee Manager), Raman Annamalai, Asogan Govender, Satish Jandhyala, Pancha Narayan (Trustees) and Ravi Kolluru (Public Relations Officer).

Sri Balaji Temple Trust Hamilton Facts Sheet

Location: 2 Kent Street, Frankton, Hamilton 3204

Total Land Area: 417 Square Metres

Total Built Area: About 300 Sq Mts

Facilities: Prayer Hall, Office, Kitchen, Dining and Wash Rooms

Total Cost: $450,000 (Estimated)

Bank Loan: $145,000

Material Donors: Tiles and Granite by Graniteworx; Painting and Woodwork by Solar Consulting; Kitchen by Pragma Fashions; Other major donors include Trust Waikato, WEL Energy and individuals.

Further Donations: For Plumbing, Labour, Heating, Sound and other facilities

Direct Credit: Westpac Bank Account (03-1568-0478167-00)

Credit Card Payment: www.sribalaji.co.nz

Facebook: Hamilton Balaji

Contact: Malathi Vasudevan, Treasurer on (07) 8562652 or 021-942699

Email: mvat2000@gmail.com


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