Low pay has no place in New Zealand

Winston Peters

Wellington, May 1, 2017

Restaurant owners who complain they will no longer be able to employ cheap labour should remember in which country they live and operate.

They bring workers in on skilled visas, often from their home countries, but are not prepared to pay fair salaries.

It is a rort. Many of these ‘chefs’ are not skilled at all.

There were 10,000 immigrants listed as chefs in the last five years.

Many were just workers being brought in to work on low pay.

Now, some restaurant owners say new laws requiring a skilled immigrant to be earning at least $49,000 will ruin them.

Two restaurant owners reportedly said none of their staff earns that much.

The owner of three restaurants, a motel and massage business says that she will have to pass the cost on to customers.


So, how did she acquire so many businesses?

One would guess by making a profit by paying low wages.

What a rort!

This owner is one of many trying to turn New Zealand into a Third World country.

We know that there are huge rorts in the hospitality industry.

Some restaurants rip off foreign students by demanding they pay to get a job, and others employ them on a low hourly rate for cash.

There have been numerous prosecutions but there are too many migrants for the lowly staffed Labour Inspectorate.

As the owners point out themselves, there is a lot of competition.

Winston Peters is elected Member of Parliament from Northland and Leader of the New Zealand First Party.


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