Make a difference to the poor this Ramadan

While offering food and clothing to the poor is considered an important duty of every Muslim, the Holy Month of Ramadan is a special time to show compassion and consideration to the poorer sections of the society.

Auckland based Fatimah Foundation will collect ‘Zakat’ (Offerings or Charity) throughout the Holy Month to distribute food to the poor.

Two Charities

Faiyaz Khan, Food Bank Coordinator of the Foundation said that the charitable organisation operates two separate accounts, one each exclusively for Zakat and Charity.

“While Zakat is for supporting poor Muslim children and families, the Charity account aims to help poor Kiwi families since there are a number of them in need in the South Auckland region,” he said.

Mr Khan said that the Foundation depends on Mosques and Islamic Centres in New Zealand to donate small amounts of money.

“People shopping during the Holy Month of Ramadan could purchase extra bags of rice, flour, tea, sugar, milk powder, dates, noodles, cooking oil and tinned food, to mention a few and offer them to our Foundation. We will ensure that the poor and needy receive these items,” he said.

Mr Khan said that children’s clothes and household items would be welcome.

Fatimah Foundation is open from 10 am to 3 pm (Monday to Friday) and from 9 am to 3 pm (Saturday & Sunday).

Mr Khan, known to the Indian community in general and Indo-Fijians in particular as Boxing champion and as the champion of the poor, is on his seasonal round of collecting material and money for Fatimah Foundation.

The Foundation

An acronym of Family Assistance to Islamic Mothers and Homes, the Foundation was established in 2009 with a passion for serving the poor. Its commitment has captured the attention of a large segment of the Muslim population.

According to Mr Khan, cultural barriers have adverse influence on Muslim women who were victims of family crisis or family breakdown.

“The fear of the unknown prevents such women from seeking timely help to resolve their family disputes. Fatimah Foundation is unique and possesses special attributes that provide values-based services and culturally appropriate facilities and services holistically to a diverse Muslim community,” he said.

Further details can be obtained from Fatimah Foundation on (09) 2744181 during working hours or from Faiyaz Khan on 021-2609104. Website:

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