Make-A-Wish comes into being

Venkat Raman

Life can be a burden for those carrying the weight of family misfortunes, hardships of friends and worst of all, wishes of people that are not easy to carry out, especially when they are in the twilight zone transiting to the next world.

Raman (Ray) Ranchhod, a great friend of Indian Newslink and a source of inspiration to this reporter had a wish: “We should be able to fulfil the desires of those who are debilitated due to terminal illnesses, those who are at the last stage of their life and those children who have a small desire before they go to their Maker. Often, their wish would be simple and easily achievable.”

Ranchhod Foundation

He established Ranchhod Foundation in 2011 to undertake charitable projects and programmes in New Zealand and overseas. Yet, his desire to fulfil those making a wish was immense.

Mr Ranchhod passed away on June 6, 2017 after a brief illness at his Auckland home. His son Mahesh and daughter-in-law Tejal are keen to enliven that desire and as a natural extension of their friendship, sought our involvement. Indian Newslink is of course delighted to be associated with ‘Ranchhod Foundation Make-A-Wish,’ which is officially launched today (September 1, 2017).

Mahesh and Tejal announced their intention to commemorate this Project in memory of their father at the Ninth Annual Indian Newslink Sir Anand Satyanand Lecture on Monday, August 7, 2017 at Alexandra Park, Auckland.

Details of the Project are contained in our report under Communitylink in this issue.

The Application Form can be downloaded from or

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