Make this newspaper a Weekly!

I would like to see Indian Newslink as a weekly newspaper.

I like the way this newspaper reports news. Its layout is clean and presentable.

I came to New Zealand in July 2001 and since then pick up my copy from my favourite Indian shop every fortnight.

Indian Newslink should carry more local news concerning the Indian community and publish achievements of students. This would encourage the younger generation to do better in their studies and in their lives.

Mohammed Khaiyum, Auckland

I have been a regular reader of this newspaper since my arrival form Fiji in March 2004. I do not often read the newspaper online, since I prefer to go through the print edition every fortnight.

I like the reporting style in Indian Newslink and read everything written about Fiji and Sports. While the newspaper is good overall, I would like Indian Newslink to provide more news and developments relating to Fiji.

Jaineshwar Nath, Auckland

I migrated to New Zealand in 1989, at time when there were no newspapers to serve the Indian community. I was therefore delighted when Indian Newslink was established in November 1999. Since then, I have never missed an issue.

I like to read Indian Newslink because this publication provides news and views on current affairs, issues affecting ordinary New Zealanders and the community. However, I would like to see more news about India.

Kamaljit Singh, Auckland

On behalf of New Zealand Indian Central Association, we wish to acknowledge and thank the unceasing efforts of Indian Newslink in bringing forth news and views of Kiwis (Kiwi Indians in particular) with professionalism and unbiased editorials for the last 14 years.

May the blessings of Almighty bestow the Indian Newslink team with opulence and prosperity!

Harshad Patel, President; Prakash Biradar, General Secretary, New Zealand Indian Central Association, Auckland

On behalf of Bhartiya Samaj Charitable Trust, I would like to extend my heartiest congratulations to the management and staff of Indian Newslink on the occasion of its 14th Anniversary. This newspaper has been an integral connecting link within the Indian community and has always showcased high standards of journalism.

It has been a strong support for community groups such as ours and gone an extra mile to serve the community at large.

Jeet Suchdev, Chairman, Bhartiya Samaj Charitable Trust, Auckland

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