Maori leader finds cultural affinity with India

A Maori leader has outlined the similarities between Maori and Indian culture and the affinity of the Maori faith with that of Islam.

Kaumatua leader Samuel Teraki described the ‘oneness of the cultures and faiths’ during a presentation at the ‘Ahmadiyya Anjuman Isha’ate Islam Lahore New Zealand

Centre’ in Papatoetoe on July 2.

His presentation covered language, culture, and faith.

“I love my land and its heritage,” he said.

His visit was organised by Nimi Bedi, Senior Community Development Facilitator (Community Development & Safety Youth) of Auckland Council as a part of the ‘Maori Language Week.’

Speaking on the occasion, Ahmadiyya Lahore Community President Abid Raza explained the activities of the Centre and said that knowledge of the Maori culture and faith was important and that the two communities should work together for the good of all New Zealanders.

He later presented a copy of the Holy Quran to Mr Teraki.

Dr Sahu Khan, a senior member of the community, said that according to the Islamic faith, all human beings belonged to one nation.

As a constitutional expert, he also spoke about his contribution towards the assertion of Maori rights.

Mrs Bedi said that among those present were Vimabi Mugadza (from the Manukau branch of the Auckland Regional Migrant Services) Sarah Peters (Human Rights Commission), Raewyn Bhana Katarania (Safer Aotearoa Family Violence Prevention Network), Patricia, Ayr Jones (Community Development Unit of Auckland Council).

“This local project was important and useful for the Otara Papatoetoe Local Board area. Mr Tikere held Maori lessons at the Ahmadiyya Centre and the Kadampa Buddhist Temple and organised our visit to the Whaiora Marae in Otara,” she said.

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