Marble carvings embellish Ram Mandir

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The stone-carving tradition in India is one of the richest in the world.

Shri Ram Mandir Complex, incorporating a Community Centre at 11 Brick Street in the West Auckland suburb of Henderson, will be no exception.

Sculptural Rhapsody

Shankar Dayal and Shyam Sundar, two very experienced and skilful craftsmen from Rajasthan have spent five months creating something very special for everyone to cherish. The ‘Writings on the Walls’ in particular, will not only delight the human eye but also narrate excerpts from ‘Ramayan,’ and ‘Mahabharat,’ two great epics of India.

Following the time-honoured ‘Shilpa Sastra,’ Shankar and Shyam have created works of art that will embellish the Temple, inspiring piety and awe.

Hanuman Mandir, set in a special Red-Stone, would be another highlight of their sculptural rhapsody.

As well as the Deities, marble, stones and a number of other items have been imported from Rajasthan.

Popular Pair

Ram Mandir will be a standing example of Hinduism and Indian art, enlivened by Shankar and Shyam.

The pair had become an integral part of the Ram Mandir Trust (which will own and manage the Temple Complex), other workers at the site and connected families.

Marble carvings embellish- A Carved Door inside the TempleAs they left for home following the completion of their jobs, Trust Chairman Pravin Kumar paid tribute to their dedication and talent.

“Shankar and Shyam are two special people who touched everyone’s heart with their humility and friendliness. They did not hesitate to lift heavy stones and lend a helping hand to other workers at the Temple site. May God bless them with long life, good health and continued happiness,” he said.

The construction of the Mandir is due for completion as per schedule by the end of this month. An eight-day Festival, commencing on June 6, will witness daily prayers and other rites, culminating in a grand event on June 13, 2015.

The Deities

A Four-foot statue of Lord Rama, along with his Goddess Sitalakshmi will occupy the centre of the Mandir.

As well as the Shiva Lingam, the Temple will be the residence for Lord Shiva, Goddess of Power and Valour Parvathi and Durga, Goddess of Wealth Mahalakshmi, Goddess of Knowledge Saraswathi and Lord Krishna.

Marble carvings embellish- Lord Rama with Lord HanumanAlongside the Deities, framed marble wall hangings will depict the lives of Lord Vishnu, Lord Rama and Lord Krishna.

There will be daily ‘Prana Pratistha’ from 9 am to 5 pm, followed by cultural programmes from 7 pm to 9 pm. Lunch and dinner will also be provided daily.

For further information, please calls Umesh Chand on 022-6811763;

Indian Craft

Guilds of masons and stone carvers have existed in India since 7th century BC, handing down their skills as family lore from father to son. This practice is prevalent in some parts of the country even today.

India has a rich tradition of stonework, evident in Temples in Khajuraho (Madhya Pradesh), Konark (Odisha), Martand (Kashmir) and Ellora (Maharashtra), which have richly carved sculptures.

Large temple complexes of Rameswaram (Tamil Nadu), Dilwara (Rajasthan) and Tirupathi (Andhra Pradesh) are marvels in stone, reflecting a high degree of sophistication reached by craftsmen engaged in stone craft.

Rajasthan has the best marble and sandstone quarries in India. The marble quarry of Makrana has contributed to the making of Taj Mahal at Agra. Marble from this region has also been used in Jain temples at Mt Abu.

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