Meditation Course for youngsters next fortnight

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Vipassana Meditation Centre, which has become an institution in offering meditation courses and programmes for corporate leaders, executives seeking retreats and others New Zealanders, is organising a day-long course for younger members of the society.

The course will be held on September 30, 2017 at a location in Onehunga in Central Auckland. The venue will be announced in due course on the websites of Indian Newslink

and Vipassana Meditation Centre.

Organiser Falgun Shah said that the course will be held from 845 am to 345 pm.

Anapana Technique

“This Course on Saturday will be held for children in the age group of 8 to 17 years. They will learn ‘Anapana,’ a technique of observing natural and normal respiration as it comes in and as it goes out of the body,” he said.

Mr Shah said that ‘Anapana’ is a simple, scientific technique that is morality-based but non-religious, uses a natural object to focus and is non-commercial in content.

Course benefits

“Our Centre aims to let young people experience the benefits of meditation. Regular practice of ‘Anapana’ accrues many benefits, including (a) Improved concentration and memory (b) More self-confidence and greater capacity to study (c) Ability to deal with agitation, fears, anxieties and pressures and (d) Increased goodwill for others. Our meditation sessions are combined with discussion, creative activities, and games in groups,” Mr Shah said.

The courses are free but the Centre will be grateful for voluntary donations.

Please visit website for more information.

To register for the course, please visit and click on ‘Courses’ tab on the menu, click on ‘Apply for a Course,’ scroll down to ‘Teenagers & Children’s Courses’ section and click on ‘Apply’ button of the relevant course.

Registration can also be by email to or by contacting Falgun Shah on 021-02719979. ­­


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Youngsters at a Meditation Course organised by Vipassana Meditation Centre (File Photo)

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