Meditation course for youngsters

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Younger members of the community aged between eight and 17 years would have a unique opportunity to understand and undergo a Meditation course next month.

Vipassana Meditation Centre is organising an introductory meditation course at a location in Onehunga, details of which are yet to be announced.

Organiser Falgun Shah said that the course would be held on Saturday, March 11, 2017 from 845 am to 345 pm.

There is no entry fee but voluntary donations would be accepted with gratitude.

“Participants can learn ‘Anapana,’ a technique observing natural respiration. This is a simple and scientific technique which is based on morality and not religion. It uses a natural object as the centre of focus and is non-commercial. This course will benefit our young people,” he said.

Mr Shah said that regular practice of Anapana has proven benefit of improving concentration and memory, enhanced self-confidence and greater capacity to study. It also enables practitioners to deal with agitation, fear, anxiety and pressures and increases the spirit of goodwill for others, he said.

“Meditation sessions are combined with discussion, creative activities, and games in groups. These courses are run on voluntary donations,” Mr Shah said.

Enrolment can be done online at

For further details visit

For assistance, please call Falgun Shah on 021-02719979.



File Photo of young people at an earlier Meditation Course

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