Meet our singers with OP and Madan numbers

The lilting melodies of two great Hindi film industry composers can be heard in Central Auckland next week.

The lilting melodies of two great Hindi film industry composers can be heard in Central Auckland next week.

Twelve local singers will render the songs tuned by O P Nayyar and Madan Mohan on Saturday, May 21, 2016 at Dorothy Winstone Centre, Auckland Girls Grammar School.

Swar Sadhana Academy of Music is organising the event called, ‘Sunehri Yaadein,’ which will commence at 630 pm.

Concert to resound maestros- Sandhya Badakere Web

Sandhya Badakere

Academy Director and Principal Sandhya Badakere, who has organised a number of similar events in the past years, is keen to present a programme that would establish yet another milestone in her impressive musical and show business career.

Following is a brief profile of the singers.

Meet our singers-Arun Khotkar Web

Arun Khotkar

A trained and experienced singer with command over classical Ghazals and old Hindi film songs, Arun has been performing at various events in Auckland.

He is also a director of Swar Sadhana Academy of Music.

Meet our singers-Ashish Ramkrishnan Web

Ashish Ramakrishnan

With more than 500 performances at various stages around the world, Ashish Ramakrishnan is a veteran singer with a penchant for classical and semi-classical music, in addition to Ghazals.

As well as a topper at the Zee TV singing competition (‘Sa Re Ga Ma) and Close-up Antakshari, Ashish has performed for ‘Next Off Ramp,’ a New Zealand Choir Group.

Meet our singers-Ekta Kumar Web

Ekta Kumar

Ekta Kumar is a well-known performer adept in Indian and Western music, and a keen performer on Harmonium and Keyboard.  She has a Bachelor’s degree in Western Contemporary music from the Manukau Institute of Technology, a Grade 7 Certificate in Western Classical music from Trinity College of London. She has been learning Hindustani Music for the past ten years at Swar Sadhana Academy of Music.  Apart from vocal music, she has also learnt Harmonium and Key Board.

Meet our singers-Guncha Singh Web

Guncha Singh

A familiar name in Auckland music circuit, Guncha Singh is a Hindustani Classical Music student at Swar Sadhana Academy of Music.

“I am looking forward to performing some challenging and yet beautiful compositions of Madan Mohan and O P Nayyar at the forthcoming ‘Sunehri Yaadein.’ Sandhya Badakere has been working hard to ensure the quality of the programme,” she said.

Meet our singers- Joseph Moolam Web

Joseph Moolam

A native of Kerala, Joseph Moolam has a special preference for the immortal songs of Kishore Kumar, although he is comfortable with other singers. With great passion for emotional numbers, he attempts to recreate the feel of the song.

Meet our singers-Kanika Diesh Web

Kanika Diesh

Kanika Diesh learnt Indian Classical Music under the guidance of Pundit Vinay Chandra Maudgalya at Gandharva Mahavidyalaya in Delhi.

As student of Sandhya Badakere at Swar Sadhana Academy of Music for the past several years, Kanika enjoys singing Ghazals, Hindi film music and supports Classical Music programmes held in Auckland.

Meet our singers-Mayuri Bhole Web

Mayuri Bhole

More than five years ago (in our October 1, 2010 issue), we had described Mayuri Bhole as a teenager with a voice that fosters freshness, reverberating devotion and sanctity. Now, as a more seasoned singer, Mayuri Bhole is ready to captivate the young and old alike with her rendition of the songs of Madan Mohan and O P Nayyar.

Mayuri has been a keen participant in singing competitions and a winner.

Meet our singers-Neel Patel Web

Neel Patel

As a well-trained singer adept in voice culturing and voice modulation, Neel Patel began early as a singer in his native India.

Following his migration to New Zealand, he won the ‘B-Factor 2015’ and Radio Tarana Idol 2015 and has been appearing in musical performances throughout the country.

“Music is not just for the ears but also the mind and the soul. I can’t wait to perform at the forthcoming show,” he said.

Meet our singers- Rachit Bhatia Web

Rachit Bhatia

A prolific singer, Rachit Bhatia is known for his deep voice that can easily bring forth the melodies of celebrity singers such as Mohammed Rafi, Kishore Kumar and Mukesh. His peers and elders say that ‘Rachit is a darling of the masses; he is gaining popularity for his capabilities, which include singing, dancing and acting.’

“I am eager to perform beautiful melodies of Madan Mohan and O P Nayyar,” he said.

Meet our singers- Rita Badakere Web

Ritika Badakere

She belongs to that breed of singers who are blessed with a voice that can put the world on hold and unleash a cavalcade of emotions, for such is the power of music that it cannot be contained.

It was perhaps by design that Ritika Badakere was born into a family of music lovers, for she is believed to have sung before she talked.

Her penchant for music, augmented by the proximity of her mother’s musical prowess, created opportunities to hone her talent with such maestros as Anup Jalota, Jagjit and Chitra Singh, Kavita (Krishnamurthy) Subramaniam and Suresh Wadkar.

Meet our singers-Srishaa Iyer Web

Srishaa Iyer

A keen student of Classical Music since she was five years old, Srishaa Iyer loves to render songs in several languages. She has participated in many fundraising and community events in New Zealand.

Srishaa aspiring to become a professional singer.

 Meet our singers-Vibha Trivedi Web

Vibha Trivedi

For the past six years, Vibha Trivedi has been undergoing training with her Guru Sandhya Rao. Active in the music circuit, she appears at many events including Diwali and other Hindu Festivals.

Vibha has also performed at fundraiser Garba festivals in Adelaide (Australia) and at Christchurch and Auckland in New Zealand.

Sunehri Yaadein QP May 15 Web

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