Memories are made of (good) photographs

Photography may have become commonplace with the proliferation of ‘do-it-all’ digital cameras and the ubiquitous mobile handsets with in-built cameras, but the significance of professional photographers can never be lost.

Photography as a profession thrives today better than it did during the days of the ‘camera obscura,’ ‘fixed images’ and ‘dry plates.’ These are the days of multi-focus, ‘self-adjusting’ and ‘self-correcting’ cameras, and yet photography is not everyone’s forte- it requires people with knowledge and expertise.

Bhikhu Ragha Bhula, our man behind the lens, is known more for those featured in his works than by himself. Born, raised and educated in the capital, he has remained a Wellingtonian for the best part of his years, although he often forays into the busy world of show business, doing celebrity photography and capturing women of beauty and elegance into his never-lying camera.

Not that his lens detests the male species.

Artistic endeavours

Bhikhu is proud of his photographs, which he describes as ‘works of art.’

“I cherish the pictures of Sri Satya Saibaba, which I took during my visits to India. I have also had the privilege of capturing Sachin Tendular and the Indian Cricket team during their tour of New Zealand. These were some of the magical moments with my camera,” he said.

Bhikhu’s involvement with the Hindi film industry, notably its playback singers and music directors is legendary. His studio in Wellington contains such golden memories as the Lata Mangeshkar and Kishore Kumar musical show in London, the concert tours of Kalyanji Anandji, Asha Bhosle and Jagjit Singh. If you wish to see the best of Hema Malini as a Bharata Natyam artiste, ask Bhikhu for his valuable collections.

Indian elegance

“The Indian woman today is as liberated as her European and American counterpart but would exercise that freedom with discretion. One of the most significant aspects of Indian womanhood is the spirit of endurance,” he said.

Bhikhu knows his subjects well, which is why, our ‘Model of the Fortnight’ column is gaining popularity issue by issue.

Bhikhu deems it a great honour to feature young women, many of them our daughters or sisters every fortnight in this publication.

“Beauty and fashion are a part of life and our youngsters have made us proud, winning a number of national and international contests. I encourage more of you to come forward and be photographed. Your pictures add to your profile. A good photograph can enhance self-esteem and boost your confidence,” he said.

Bhikhu Bhula can be contacted on (04) 3887861 or 021-0616030.

Email: You can also follow him on Facebook (Bhikhu Bhula)

Photo: 1. Bhikhu Bhula with Araminta 2. Mubeena Maza 3. Raksha Bhula 4. Shamima Khan

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