Minister grounds Immigration New Zealand

Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse has suspended deportation decisions taken in his name by Immigration New Zealand (INZ).

Although the decision, announced on Monday, April 24, 2017 was only for a fortnight, it demonstrated the Minister’s angst over an INZ decision not to deport Sultan Ali Abdul Ali Akbari, an Afghan convicted twice for sex offending since his arrival in 2012.

New Zealand Herald had revealed the decision in its April 24, 2017 issue.

“I am taking steps to improve Immigration New Zealand’s decision making authority for cases involving residence class visa holders convicted of a criminal offence. I have made my expectations very clear when it comes to deportation decisions involving offending of this nature and those expectations are not being met,” Mr Woodhouse said.

He said that he needed time to review the decision-making process to ensure the right decisions are being made.

“I expect to be able to return the decision-making authority to Immigration NZ within a fortnight, provided I can be assured the decision-making process aligns with my expectations,” Mr Woodhouse said.

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Michael Woodhouse

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