Miss Indianz brings 25 young women to centre stage

Venkat Raman – 

Call it a fad, penchant, passion or even frivolous discharge of charm, Miss Indianz contest is here to stay and New Zealand’s popular cultural extravaganza gathers momentum, strength and er…. beauty, year after year.

Organised, produced, directed, marketed and even criticised by its creator Dharmesh Parikh (Director, Reshab D Productions Limited), it is the only contest of its type in New Zealand. For thirteen years, he has held the crown for taking the initiative and putting together a bevy of beauties, although it is some of us who show semblance of fatigue.

Perseverance pays

Some disinterested people and those with vested interests would have wanted him to give it up; perhaps he has entertained such a thought; but every year it gets better, strengthening his resolve to enhance its diversity, in tune with the changing demography of the country. Which is why, he is renowned for perseverance and patience.

Thirteen years is a long time for organisers in the ‘here-today-gone-tomorrow’ world but Dharmesh is determined to carry the annual event to higher levels of fame and popularity. He is aware that success must be followed by success, lest the fleeting world of men and women say that he has lost his sheen, and worse the nerve.

Don’t you believe it.

Bigger and better

We are promised that the Miss Indianz 2015, due to be held on September 12 at Aotea Centre (commencing at 730 pm) would be bigger and better and that quality has been an over-riding factor in the selection and staging of the budding beauties of the society.

Getting beyond the confines of Auckland, Miss Indianz 2015 would feature contestants from North to the far South, with the future events carrying the potential of attracting young aspirants from other places as well.

Mr Parikh has said that 25 contestants would go through a number of pre-final contests and training before appearing on stage at Auckland’s most prestigious address.

“It would be a spectacle of Indian beauty, fashion, dance and music. New Zealand’s multi-cultural environment has provided excellent opportunities for talented beautiful Indian women to showcase their rich culture, fashion, music, dance and beauty,” he said.

The Profiles

Indian Newslink began featuring the contestants in its July 1, 2015 issue. As everyone await the lifting of the curtain, here is the final batch.

For Web-Miss Indianz brings-Akanksha Singh

Akanksha Singh

Four years ago, when she landed at the Auckland International Airport, Akanksha Singh did not know that would be her workplace following her graduation in Science at the University of Auckland. That matches her interest in globetrotting.

For Web-Miss Indianz brings-Nisha Saini

Nisha Saini

This young woman hails from Kurukshetra where thousands of years ago ‘Dharma’ fought a bloody battle and won.

Nisha Saini is a theatre enthusiast, keen to take advantage of the learning and development opportunities available through the Miss Indianz event.

For Web-Miss Indianz brings-Ridhima Raman

Ridhima Raman

The little girl that she was upon migration from the beautiful city of Bangalore, Ridhima Raman is proud to belong to multicultural Auckland. An Electronic Engineering student at the Auckland University of Technology, she await September 12 with bated breath.

For Web-Miss Indianz brings-Shirin Singh

Shirin Singh

The youngest contestant (16) in this year’s Miss Indianz event is a student at Mount Albert Grammar School in Auckland. She loves to dance and is keen to discover the world of glamour, the prime reason for joining the event.

For Web-Miss Indianz brings-Shweta Kumar

Shweta Kumar

“Family and Religion are important,” says Unitec student of Construction Management Shweta Kumar. She is proud of her Indo-Fijian roots and aspires a shining career in modelling. She believes in enhancing the purpose of life and making it more meaningful.


The Contestants

1.       Akanksha Singh             13. Neera Dang

2.       Aruna Narandran           14. Nisha Saini

3.       Ashika Raj                         15. Pooja Bhagath

4.       Brenda Holloway            16. Priyena Prasad

5.       Deepti Mahapatra           17. Rabiya Sharma

6.       Emelda Shah                    18. Raveena Badwal

7.       Karuna Thawani             19. Riddhi Patel

8.       Komal Chand                   20. Ridhima Raman

9.       Manpreet Kaur               21. Rinky Parakra

10.    Monika Sharma              22. Samaira Jadhav

11.    Naga Gajjri                        23. Shirin Singh

12.    Navitha Paneer             24. Shweta Kumar

25. Simmi Choudhary


 What: Miss Indianz 2015

Who: Reshab D Productions Limited

When: Saturday, September 12 at 730 pm

Where: Aotea Centre, Auckland City

Contact: Dharmesh Parikh on 021-2727454

Email: events@rhythmhouse.co.nz



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