Miss Indianz

Now in its 14th Year

Saturday, September 17, 2016 at 730 pm

Aotea Centre, Auckland

Tickets from August 1, 2016


Appearance is just a part of being beautiful

Dharmesh Parikh – Dharmesh

The main purpose of Miss Indianz has always been to celebrate Kiwi-Indian elegance, fashion, music and dance.

Looking back at how it all started, I recall performing at a Hindi Film Concert in 1993 which had live music, stand-up comedy and catwalk.

I was a full-time musician then. The glitz, glamour and the music was the essence which really memorized me. The afterthought I had following that event was how cool will it be to do something like that again.

I then started to take a closer look at pageants and fashion shows; till then I had never took notice of pageants.

I was a musical and showbiz-obsessed person since my childhood. My fascination for staging magical performances for family and friends eventually turned into a career path.

In 2002, I launched Rhythm House, a company specialising in Hindi film song and dance sequences, and multicultural events and film production.

I produced the first ever Miss Indianz event in 2002.

Clean and simple

The Miss Indianz event has evolved over the years and so has the way we do things.

I am always looking for ways to keep it clean and simple (just as my experience at the concert in 1993).

You may have noticed that I do not place huge emphasis on crowns and sashes, instead there is sharper focus on staging an extravagant event and celebrating our diversity.

The Judges

When selecting the judges, the first thing I think of is how will they help elevate and promote the contestants. The aim is for more contestants to benefit from participating in the event.

Similarly, my guest list includes people who are from the entertainment, fashion industry and agitators.

I have seen many contestants get into the entertainment industry. Of course, their success is attributed to their hard work and perseverance; however, I often wonder if their participation at Miss Indianz had something to take that first step.

Anxiety mounts

Miss Indianz 2016 will be held on Saturday, September 17 from 730 pm at Aotea Centre in Auckland’s Central Business District. Tickets will go on sale on August 1, 2016. Please visit www.aucklandlive.com for details and updates.

Editor’s Note: Although Miss Indianz 2016 is more than 100 days away, there is already considerable anxiety and expectation among participants, performers and others involved with the annual event.

While we wait further information from Mr Parikh, we continue our profile of the participating young women.

Bianca Parshotam

Seventeen-year-old Bianca Parshotam says that she has always been interested in beauty pageants and all the attendant vivacity and glamour.

“I am sure that Miss Indianz 2016 will afford an amazing and exciting opportunity to showcase my Indian heritage, apart from enabling me to expand my circle of associates and friends,” she said.

Having completed her NCEA Levels 1 and 2 with Excellence, Bianca is pursuing Level 3 at Diocesan School for Girls, in addition to a Diploma in Communications (Speech and Drama).

She is also a rising star in Netball, a game that she has played for more than eight years. Her experience as a coach over the past two years have accorded her higher levels of confidence and professionalism.

Bianca considers her selection to the ‘New Zealand Model United Nations’ last year as an important phase in her co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Gurpreet Kaur


Born in Lohara, Moga in India’s Punjab State, Gurpreet Kaur hopes to win the Miss Indianz 2016 Title.

“I am participating in this contest to represent my country, my culture and my family. I want to present my talent and my learnings to the world. My message for the readers is keep supporting Miss Indianz and thanks to Dharmesh Parikh for giving me an opportunity and such a big platform to represent my culture and my country.

Vandana Vikash

Born in Lautoka, Fiji, Vandhana has what it takes to stand out in a crowd. Her ability to lead and set an example as a person of substance, makes her a person of choice.

The 25-year-old young woman has already set benchmarks for excellence winning three awards within the Customer Care Team at 2degrees Mobile Limited, where she is employed as a Programme Analyst.

Leadership has been a part of her genes perhaps, for she has performed a variety of roles- as Class Captain, Assistant Head Girl, Deputy Head Girl, and Form Captain at the Nadi Sangam School, Fiji.

Vandhana believes that Miss Indianz provides the platform to discover her strengths, reflect on her weaknesses and break free from her perceptions.

“There is this crazy, amazing and beautiful potential that exists inside of you, which can somehow change the world. It is why you are so unique and why you are here on this planet,” she said, citing a famous quote.


Our First Report on the First Event

Tauranga student wins beauty title

Indian Newslink, October 2002

Seventeen-year-old Anjana Mani of Tauranga won the Miss India South Pacific 2002 title at a colourful beauty pageant held in Auckland recently.

Ms Mani, a seventh form student, earned the title competing with 12 other contestants at the show organised by Rhythm House Music Group.

Anurithi Chekkrur a new migrant from Bangalore (India) and Michelle Devi Sukh of Sydney were declared first and second runners up respectively. The contestants were judged by a panel including Miss World New Zealand 2002 Rachel Hulich.

The show was choreographed by Colin Mathura Jeffree, with fashion design by Jairam Ramineni.

The event also showcased New Zealand’s talented singers, dancers and musicians who performed song and dance numbers from Indian films. According to Mr Parikh, more than 1000 people attended the show.

Director Dharmesh Parikh said the overwhelming success of the show has encouraged him to stage the show in Sydney early next year.

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