Model of the Fortnight

The bond from above is eternally strong 

Pam Cummings – 

“The more you give, the more you get,” is the belief of Aarti Singh, our Model of the Fortnight.

That was what her mother taught Aarti during her formative years.

Her mother has a deep attachment with God and expresses it by helping others with her big generous heart.

Aarti is happy to say what she believes; “One day when God is happy with your effort, He will surely grant your wishes.”

Listening to her mother made Aarti’s connection with God stronger as she grew up.

She is grateful to be taught right from wrong.

When Aarti first heard about ‘Miss Five Crowns New Zealand,’ she was inspired by the promise that the contest would make her confidence level strong and that the funds raised would go to charity.

Unique Pageant

Aarti found this pageant unique as it was open to all.

After meeting with her fellow contestants, Aarti realised this was not just about who gets a crown. The atmosphere and the embracement was so sweet and tender that it did not feel like a competition.

“We are like a big family and the organisers kept the strings tight and strong for us to hold on. I learnt a lot from my journey in ‘Miss Five Crowns New Zealand’ and would not change a thing,” she said.

Aarti feels blessed that she was a part of a beautiful fairytale.

Her goal in life is to become successful not only in wealth but also in those little moments where love, laughter and happiness are located.

Pam Cummings is Director of Miss Five Crowns New Zealand and a member of the Panel of Judges of the Indian Newslink Indian Sports Awards.

Photography: Rochel Nilendra

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