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Purple is known as the colour of Royalty, because it is less aggressive than Red and more active then Blue. It is also the colour of the pious and decorates the knots of ties worn by many world leaders.

Purple is the colour of choice of Paige Thiyagarajah, our Model of the Fortnight. We can understand; for our photographer Bhikhu Bhulla says that she symbolises energy and yet docile and friendly.

Born in New Zealand, Paige has had the best of three cultures, combining English European (her mother) and Sri Lankan (her father) traits in her sparkling personality. She adores her family and her younger brother Josh.

“All of my family, on both sides of my parents, live in England; therefore, I am used to being surrounded only by my immediate family. This has formed a strong connection between us,” she said.

The Aussie Affair

We ‘lost’ her to our Aussie cousins but unlike many others, only for a while.

She went across the Tasman when she was 12 years of age but returned home six years later to foster higher education and launch a professional career.

Now a final year Nursing student at AUT University, caring for others comes naturally to this 21-year-old; which is in itself an indication of her future prospects in the noble profession of caring for those not in good health or spirits.

Paige hopes to visit Japan sometime soon and converse in Japanese, her second language at school.

Exciting life

Among her hobbies are Ballroom and Latin American dancing, Netball and learning to play the guitar. She also likes indoor Netball, reading and summer days at the beach.

“I enjoy new experiences and have jumped off the Harbour Bridge and been Skydiving. I have also had various part time jobs including retail assistant, butcher, receptionist, waitress, sandwich artist and event manager, all of which have taught me new dimensions in life, career and adventure,” Paige said.

Miss World NZ

Paige is the reigning Miss Heritage NZ (2014), a title that she earned as a participant in the Miss World NZ held earlier in the year. There was excitement in the air when she was told that she would represent this country at a global contest to be held in South Africa in December.

“This pageant changed my life. I learnt many new skills such as how to hold oneself, pose, apply make-up and speak in public. Among the highlights of our activities was mobilising $25,000 for Loren, a little girl who needed extensive surgery on her face. It was a challenge,” she said.

Venkat Raman

For more pictures of Paige Thiyagarajah, please visit These pictures appearing in our print and web editions are the intellectual property of Indian Newslink and Bhikhu Bhula. Any reproduction in any form for private, public, commercial or non-commercial purposes is prohibited and any breach would be an offence under the relevant laws in force. If you are interested in modelling, you may contact Bhikhu on 021-0616030.

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