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As she appears at the Miss India Worldwide pageant in Paramaribo, Suriname on February 25, 2012, she would not be just a representative of the beauty queens of the world but a multi-talented youngster, making us proud, with her ability to play the piano, clarinet and guitar.

“It is a great honour to represent New Zealand, my home country, at this major international event and spend a week in Suriname as an ambassador of the Kiwi-Indian community,” says Madhumitha Ramasubramanian, our Model of the Fortnight.

To many Wellingtonians, she is a symbol of modern youth, manifested in a combination of tradition and culture that is unique to Indian heritage.

As though she was reading our thoughts, Madhumitha agreed.

“The global beauty contest would be an eye-opening experience as I embrace and learn more about the uniqueness of being a part of two different cultures, spend time with the other contestants, and have the opportunity to liaise with a community that understands and values the importance of celebrating Indian heritage and tradition, in a modern, global environment,” she said.

Born, raised and educated in our Capital City, she is the only daughter (she has a younger brother) of Radha and Seetharaman Ramasubramanian (both employed at IBM).

As she prepared for the Miss Wellington contest (a regional pageant of ‘Miss Indianz’ held on September 10, 2011), Madhumitha told us that she was passionate about meeting people and enlarging her circle of friends.

“I hope the pageant will be a stepping stone to success. I am really looking forward to the competition, which, with a mixture of fashion and culture, is really engaging,” she said (Indian Newslink, August 15, 2011).

She said organisers of the Miss Indianz contest have been a major source of inspiration and support.

“They have helped me to prepare for the forthcoming event in Suriname and motivated me to work towards winning the title,” she said.

Dharmesh Parikh, director of Reshabh D Parikh Productions, which organises the Miss Indianz contest, said that Madhumitha is well prepared to compete in the Miss India Worldwide.

A student of the Victoria University pursuing her degree course in Arts (with Public Policy, Linguistics and Art History as major subjects), Madhumitha is keen to launch her career in Public Relations, a profession appropriate for her vivacious and outgoing personality.

However, her ambition goes farther than meeting and befriending people. She plans to participate in a number of beauty contests, which she believes is the pathway to success in Bollywood.

“I want to lead life to the fullest, try new things and never be adverse to any opportunities that may arise,” she said.

Pictures of Madhmitha appearing in our print and web editions are by Wellington based photographer Bhikhu Bhula ©

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