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New migrants often forfeit their ambitions in extracurricular fields to destiny, since relocation, settlement, career and family issues take precedence. Their professional life takes a new course, accepting fresh challenges and turning them into opportunities.

Some people have the knack of seizing opportunities to pursue their hobbies and foster talent. Among them is Monica Mahendru, our Model of the Fortnight, whose theatrical proclivities and passion for performing arts took to centre-stage just two years after her arrival in the country.

She debuted in ‘Zimmedari’ (Indian Newslink, August 1, 2008) and thereafter in the productions of Prayas.

Stage has been a child play for this young artiste, who is primarily a dancer, a talent, which blends well with acting. She cites winning the top position at the National Talent Hunt Competition held in India a few years ago as the ‘greatest and proudest moment’ in her life.

“Acting involves hard work and each play entails at least four months of rehearsals. These are generally during weekends and on occasions after working hours. There is no monetary compensation since the theatrical groups are all not-for-profit organisations,” she said.

Notwithstanding the troubles at no cost, Monica believes that the experience and public appreciation that she has gained over the years are invaluable.

“I am happy to make the sacrifices to be able to act,” she said.

A successful Recruitment Consultant in her professional life, Monica loves meeting people, assessing their talent and needs and helping to realise their aims and aspirations.

She spends much of afterhours pursuing courses in stage and screen acting, attending acting workshops, mediation and fitness.

“I would love to take up acting as a profession as it motivates me the most. I enjoy the diversity and creativity involved. Acting is a great way to express emotions,” she said.

-Venkat Raman

Photography: Bhavnesh Soni; Makeup: Asrita Singh; Hair: Chetan Mongia; Wardrobe: Padma Akula

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