Model of the Fortnight

Inner beauty speaks the moment of truth

Her pictures depict her as a professional model, although she is comparatively new to the field, having participated at a recently held beauty pageant and a photoshoot with our photographer Bhikhu Bhula.

“I had no idea of modelling but I am pleased with the outcome. I believe that it is the inner beauty that matters, for that speaks the ultimate truth,” says Renay Chand, our Model of the Fortnight.

A postgraduate student pursuing Marketing as a major subject at AUT University, she fondly remembers her years at the University while studying to obtain a double graduation in Business and Marketing & Law.

“I am keen to establish my career in Marketing or possibly become an achiever in Marketing as a Strategic Brand Manager. I hope that my qualifications and experience will benefit others as well,” she said.

Born, raised and educated in New Zealand, Renay is conscious of the trilogy of cultures and traditions that she proudly carries in her character and personality.

“My parents are from Fiji while their roots go back to India, a country that continues to give us our identity. My father often speaks about Punjab, a State that has contributed significantly to the progress of the world’s greatest and largest democracy,” she said.

Renay is keen to work on projects and programmes that empower the youth and ‘give something back to the community.’

“I am grateful to my parents who have motivated and encouraged me to pursue my interests with confidence and commitment. They have been a great source of inspiration to me, my elder sister and younger brother. A good family is the starting point for success in life,” she said.

There could be no argument on that score.

-Venkat Raman

Photography: Bhikhu Bhula

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