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Purpose in life and ability to stand firm on principles are pathways to progress and prosperity, says Shimal Chandra, our Model of the Fortnight.

She said New Zealand has taught her to think and live independently and concert efforts with patience and perseverance.

Her family migrated from Fiji to New Zealand when she was two years old.

“But I have learnt the culture and tradition of my homeland.” she said.

Shimal hopes to be a lawyer, although she is yet to decide on the field of specialisation.

“I would like to be of help to as many people as possible and I believe that the legal profession will enable me to achieve this objective,” she said.

Her self-confidence encouraged her to participate in Miss Indianz Wellington Contest 2011, at which she was the winner in the ‘Miss Beautiful Personality’ category (Indian Newslink, September 15, 2011).

“It was a great experience and I hope to compete in the Miss Indianz nationwide contest in the future.”

Shimal is fond of her family and friends but regards her mother as the ‘closest friend and confidante.’

“My mother has been a major source of strength. She listens to my problems and tries to find the most appropriate solutions,” she said.

Shimal is also grateful to people who support her in her pursuits, although she believes that her greatest attribute is self-confidence and self-motivation.

Among her other interests are soccer, fishing, reading and listening to music.

Photography: Bhikhu Bhula, Wellington

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