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She is a full-time student pursuing a graduate course in Business Management but the future may see her in the world of fashion and entertainment, for her passion is limelight, stage and interaction with people.

“I love being myself and I love the world around me. Life is beautiful and everyone must enjoy it,” says Arishma Singh, our Model of the Fortnight.

Photographer Bhikhu Bhula, who shot her pictures as well as those of all the contestants at the recently held Miss India Wellington contest (Indian Newslink May 15 and June 1, 2013), described Arishma as ‘an attractive girl with an enchanting smile.’

His words rung true as she won the ‘Miss Beautiful Smile,’ title at the beauty pageant held in the Capital on May 25, 2013.

Born in Fiji, Arishma was used to a large, extended family but migrating to New Zealand when she was just nine years of age was a moving experience.

“Everything was different. I loved the Fijian summer but I am now used to the Kiwi way of life and the cold weather,” she said.

Arishma has also studied and worked in a variety of fields including hairdressing, beauty therapy and teaching children. She said that as well as enjoying these vocations, she feels enriched with knowledge, with the ability to overcome challenges.

Bollywood, its music and dance and Hollywood fascinate Arishma.

“I love dancing and look forward to annual performances at Diwali, White Ribbon Day and other events. I am confident and love meeting people,” she said.

Arishma looks forward to her 20th birthday, and “loves everything that a normal teenage girl loves. My favourite colour is pink,” she said

-Venkat Raman

Photography: Bhikhu Bhula

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