Model of the Fortnight – Aashna Saxena

Celebration of life exalts cultural values

Passage of time can distance one’s native culture and tradition but events like Miss Indianz reconnects us to our Indian roots, says Aashna Saxena, our Model of the Fortnight.

Organisers of the Pageant say that she is a live-wire of the Contest, bringing new meaning to friendship and understanding, a tribute that is not difficult to justify.

Unique achievements

Born in Delhi (India), Aashna migrated to New Zealand about 17 years ago, when she was in her formative years. Currently a student at AUT University of Technology and employed as a Sales Assistant at an Outdoor and Sporting Company, her achievements are unique.

Aashna graduated from a 21-Day course of Outward Bound in 2016 covering activities  including solo camping, tramping, kayaking, rowing, sailing and a half-marathon and volunteered in Kathmandu, Nepal for two weeks building infrastructure and trekking Himalayas in June 2018.

She also represented Auckland in outdoor and indoor national championships in Women’s Cricket.

Highlighting Indian Culture

Aashna said that she decided to compete in Miss Indianz 2018 because of her love of Indian culture and elegance of Indian dresses.

“This is an amazing opportunity for women like me to be amongst other beautiful and capable young women who share the same love as I do for our home, India. The event that celebrates Indian culture and tradition will give me confidence and a platform to embrace my love and respect for my culture.

Aashna said that the Beauty Contest will accord her a unique chance to emerge from her shell and become an empowered woman and celebrate her culture.

-Venkat Raman

Pictures by Freelanzer Photography

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