Model of the Fortnight – Sept 1, 2015

Builder constructs career in fashion management

Contrary to popular belief that construction management is suited only for men, the exacting profession is beginning to engage the attention of women as well, proving which is Shuweta Kumar, our Model of the Fortnight.

This Fiji-born young woman is pursuing a qualification in construction management at Unitec. While her future could have a strong foundation, Shuweta is keen to launch her career in the fashion, beauty and modelling industry. She has already gained a diploma as a professional model from ‘Vanity Walk Modelling School.’

Shuweta is among the 25 participants at the Miss Indianz programme scheduled to be held at Aotea Centre in Auckland City (see separate story under Entertainmentlink).

Gaining confidence

“My main objective is to gain stage confidence and gain the opportunity to experience the limelight as well as build my profile. Till now my experience with the event has been extremely pleasing as I am getting to come across all the different aspects of the fashion industry including photoshoots, promotions and media,” she said.

Shuweta said that her cousin is her best friend and main motivatior in life.

“She encouraged me participate in Miss Indianz and supports me in every step of my life. My parents have always supported and given me the freedom to try and accomplish whatever I want in life,” Shuweta said.

Life’s ambition

Her ambition in life is to become a ‘Super Model’ and make it big in the fashion industry. Her other aim is to make her parents proud of her and her accomplishments.

“I want to give my parents heaven on earth. If I win the ‘Miss Indianz’ title, I would not only celebrate the achievement but also encourage other beautiful young girls to participate in the future. I would also pursue my hobbies including dancing, travelling, modelling, fashion and cultural events,” Shuweta said.

Photo Credits: Andrew Bignall and Shayal Kumar

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