Model of the Fortnight – Sonya Pink

Philanthropy brings out the inner beauty in humans

“Animals are an integral part of this world and hence should be loved and protected, not killed or eaten,” says Sonya Pink, our Model of the Fortnight.

If Indian Newslink readers know this young woman who is now making waves in the Indian film industry as Shristy Gupta, they need to be praised for their memory. Featured in this column in our March 1, 2014 issue, Sonya was born in Mumbai but raised in different parts of the world. An IT graduate, her dream was to become a professional in information technology, although her inclination was also towards the field of medicine.

Show Business calls

The world of fashion and modelling beckoned her with the promise of fame.

Her first meeting with success was when she won at a pageant in Auckland.

She returned to Mumbai, hoping to get married and have children.

But destiny had different designs for her.

Her charm, outgoing personality and vivacity placed her under the spotlight, drenching her in popularity followed by constant invitations to the stage.

“I believe that the only Mantra to success is ‘Never quit, no matter what.’ I am a vegetarian by choice, I don’t like killing animals for food or fun. I like to eat the products of trees and plants,” she said.

Eradicating poverty

Sonya is keen to become a philanthropist and help the needy in India.

“I want everyone to be educated and be freed from poverty,” she said.

She loves New Zealand and hopes to return in not too distant a future.

“I believe in Karma. I also believe in speaking my mind. I believe in the saying, “Do good and good things will happen to you,” she said and added, “My heart-felt gratitude to photographers Dave Bradley, Bhikhu Bhula and Hitesh Kanuria.”

-Venkat Raman

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