Models of the Year 2018

Editor’s Choice

Our ‘Model of the Fortnight Column,’ carrying the pictures of various photographers, is one of the most popular features of the print and web editions and Social Media pages of Indian Newslink.

While space is a major constraint in the print version, we are happy to post almost all the selections of our photographers online while updating our editions either daily or at least every fortnight with a new print edition.

The ever-increasing traffic (more than 80,000 unique visitors a month and about 3000 visitors a day) demonstrates your patronage to this newspaper.

Tough Task

As we end Year 2018 with this issue, we thought of featuring Editor’s Choice of pictures of our models featured throughout the year. Selecting just nine pictures out of more than 330 found in our digital library was a tough task.

As we wish our past and future models, our photographers and you dear Readers, Merry Christmas and a Happy News Year (!), we wish to reiterate our commitment to bring you the best in terms of news, views, features, and of course the always popular Model of the Fortnight.

IP Rights

These pictures appearing in our print and web editions are the intellectual property of Indian Newslink and the respective photographers Any reproduction in any form for private, public, commercial or non-commercial purposes is prohibited and any breach would be an offence under the relevant laws in force.

If you wish to sponsor our Model of the Fortnight or be featured in our series, please contact 021-836528 or email

Photo Caption:

  1. Valentine Fernandes (February 15)
  2. Anjini Lata (April 1)
  3. Shithi Saha (May 1)
  4. Suman Shaw (May 15)
  5. Sabby Jey (June 15)
  6. Kartika Singh (July 15)
  7. Aashna Saxena (August 1)
  8. Amrita Gillard (August 15)
  9. Johannah Prasad (November 15)

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