Modi warms up global debate

The Western World and its media have painted Indian politicians as uneducated and excessively corrupt, manipulating the system to hang on to power.

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s Book, Convenient action: Gujarat’s response to challenges of climate change removes this myth, revealing the Indian politician in a different light. That is why many Indians believe that he would be the next Prime Minister of India.

Apart from documenting Gujarat’s proactive approach to climate change, the Book serves as an invitation to scholars, researchers, scientists, leaders and policy planners to visit Gujarat. Mr Modi invites them to experience modern Gujarat and its impressive progress.

Those who frown on certain Eastern religions as falling under paganism should see how religion is conveniently used as a vehicle to promote good husbandry and forestry practices while providing for “water temples” and preserving mangroves.

The Book outlines commonsense rules to preserve power and natural resources through Compressed Natural Gas and and Solar Energy and rescheduling office hours to spread loads on electricity. Innovation in transport system, use of gas and wind can help a great deal in reducing what we call carbon footprint.

Convenient Action documents eight years of initiatives and innovations in Gujarat under Mr Modi’s leadership.

Such practices are intended to contribute to the adaptation and mitigation of Climate Change. In fact, Mr Modi feels that the Gujarat model could serves as an example to decision-makers across the political spectrum and asserts the need for a strong political will to fight Climate Change and leave the world a better place for coming generations.

His message to the developed and developing world is that the divide between political and carbon cycles could be filled by resoluteness.

This is must read for those interested in preserving our world for future generations and warding off the impact of global warming through simple actions.

Thakur Ranjit Singh is a Postgraduate Scholar in Journalism at the AUT University and the owner of an Advertising & Public Relations Company based in Auckland. Email:

Convenient action: Gujarat’s response to challenges of climate change

Author: Narendra Modi

Publisher: Macmillan Publishers India Ltd, India

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