More for less makes this supermarket distinct

Indian supermarkets are increasingly becoming the favourites of people of diverse ethnicity, responding to which these retail outlets offer an ever-widening range of products.

They understand the significance of external marketing and point-of-sale display with sophistication.

Positioning is everything: people typically spend at most a minute selecting a grocery item, and if they cannot find it, they would move on to something else. The best slots are at adult eye-level, where relatively expensive products are placed, often to the right of popular items (to increase the chances that right-handed shoppers will pick them up).

Price is the deciding factor today and almost all shoppers leaving a supermarket can recall exactly what they paid for individual items.


Today, the average customer is sensitive to price increases and has a keen eye for goods that are sold at low prices.

A number of Indian supermarkets are on the path of expansion, establishing their presence in various parts of the country.

Food 4 Less Supermarket is a prime example of continuous expansion.

Its opening in Otahuhu nine years ago marked a turning point in shopping, not only for residents of the suburb but also for residents in other parts of Auckland and beyond.

According to Director Nilesh Prakash, quality products backed by innovative and attractive display, low-prices, specials on several items from time to time and knowledgable and friendly staff were among the factors that have helped the enterprise grow from strength to strength.

Daily celebration

The supermarket today operates three major outlets, the other two located at New Lynn in West Auckland and Te Rapa Road in Hamilton.

“Every day is a day of celebration at these supermarkets, with fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, grocery and other items offered at the lowest possible prices. We understand that even when times are hard, there can be no cutting back on family budgets on food and other essential items. Our mission has always been to offer high quality goods at low prices and optimise customer satisfaction. Although competition has grown over the years, we have been fortunate to have a growing number of loyal customers. We believe in giving the best at the best possible price,” he said.

As well as every-day low prices, Food 4 Less also announces specials from time to time to help shoppers get more value for money.

“We purchase the items placed on sale in large quantities from well known sources that guarantee quality and make them available at low prices to our customers. The savings that we make in bulk purchases are passed on to our customers,” Nilesh said.

The butchery

His brother and director Romit Prakash said the supermarket has been catering to a cross-section of the society.

“It is not just the members of the Indian community who benefit from the low prices that are offered but also people from other ethnic groups,” he said.

“Our Halal butcher counter has also become popular, since those keen on Halal are assured of its genuineness,” he said.

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