More for sports as a commitment

While profitability and increasing customer loyalty are the rewards for commercial enterprises, awards and citations are among the best means to promote and project sporting talent in the community, says Nilesh Prakash, Managing Director of Food 4 Less Supermarkets (Otahuhu, New Lynn and Hamilton).

It is important to encourage youngsters to play the games in which they are adept and promote them at club, community, district, state and national levels, he added.

Food 4 Less is the Sponsor of the Best Senior Division Soccer Player of the Year’ category of the Indian Newslink Indian Sports Awards for the third year in succession.

Promoting youngsters

“We have many young men and women in our community who do not get the opportunity and support to play the game of their choice adequately and appropriately. I am sure that the Indian Sports Awards will be a great source of encouragement and bring the best out of them,” Mr Prakash said.

“I am reassured of the robust judging process of the Sports Awards, which would be similar to the well-established procedure for Business Awards,” he said.

Firm supporter

Mr Prakash said that his decision to sponsor the Award was almost instantaneous, based on the success of the Scheme for past two years.

“It does not take long to decide on such a great initiative. We have always been with Indian Newslink to promote our company, its image, product and services and we see the Sports Awards Scheme as another great avenue to not only to enhance our image in the market but also encourage our sportsmen and sportswomen to improve their performance,” he said.

Mr Prakash said Soccer is a major sport in which the Indian Community is heavily involved, along with other ethnic groups.

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