Mother-daughter combo embellishes interior design

Vanessa Lyne had not thought of doing a course in Interior Design, let alone having her mother in the same class.

“I always thought of doing photography but in school you are not aware that there is so much you can study at tertiary level. While studying photography at Unitec, I developed a keen interest in interior design and moved to the Applied Interior Design stream instead,” she said.

Vanessa’s mother, Marion, who has a background in medicine and with experience in laboratories, was excited by all her daughter’s study options.

“This is a different generation with so many more possibilities. Design was not really an option when I was younger,” she said.

Marion took-up the challenge of studying part-time while continuing to do work full-time, and joined her daughter’s Interior Design class.

Rewarding challenge

“The work-study balance is challenging but rewarding. I attend morning classes and then go to work feeling stimulated as I am learning something different.”

It is the blend of theory and practical that attracted the mother-daughter duo.

“People think that it is all about pumping cushions and picking out colours, but I have learnt theoretical principles and realised that there are rules. The course is practical, getting your hands messy working with fabric, designs and colour”, Vanessa said.

While being competitive is a natural instinct in a study environment, this duo is glad of each other’s support.

“There is definitely a bit of competition, but I also feel motivated by her. I see her doing her job, studying and then working at home and it inspires me to do more”, Vanessa said.

Marion agreed, saying, “I am not from an art background and doubt myself a lot, Vanessa has been very supportive throughout.”

Studying this Diploma together has strengthened the bond they share, but feel it will take them in different directions.

“I think my dream project would be to design a museum with lots of rooms, each featuring different interior designs”, Vanessa said.

“My husband is getting nervous. We have two bathrooms and Vanessa will redesign one and I will do the other. This will be our little home project together,” Marion said.

“I feel nothing is impossible. It requires time management and a little sacrifice, but you can do it. There are many opportunities with courses available, particularly through Unitec. I have gained something positive from this Diploma that I can use in anything I do,” Vanessa said.

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Photo Caption: Vanessa and Marion Lyne

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