Mount Albert candidate faces family court charges

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Vin Tomar, the New Zealand People’s Party nominee in the forthcoming by-election in Mount Albert is facing charges at the Morrinsville Family Court in Waikato.

His wife has accused him of physical, verbal and mental abuse and has obtained ‘Temporary Protection Order’ (TPO) and Interim Parental Order (IPO) issued by the Court.

Both Orders were issued on December 12, 2016 and are valid for three months.

Ms Tomar said that she and Mr Tomar were at the Morrinsville Court on Thursday, February 9, 2017 for a ‘Directions Conference.’

It must be reported at this stage that these are accusations and Mr Tomar is innocent until proven guilty.

Court hearing

“The Court decided that there will a four-hour long hearing to discuss the TPO and IPO at a date to be confirmed in due course. The two Orders will continue to be in force in the meantime,” she said.

The TPO issued by the Court said that it was issued against Mr Tomar as the Respondent. The IPO specifies that Mr Tomar can meet his son only under supervision and only through a professional contact supervisor.

Ms Tomar said that both orders would continue even after three months, unless the Family Court issues a verdict prior to that date.

This reporter held a brief conversation with Mr Tomar on January 28, 2017 during which he denied the allegation of his wife stating, “it is nothing.”

Moments thereafter, NZPP Leader Roshan Nauhria, when contacted over the telephone said that he was not aware of any such case and that the nomination of Mr Tomar had already been accepted by the Electoral Commission.

An official of the Commission told us (and later sent in writing) that the Commission was not able to comment on the specific case.

“At the point of nomination, the only requirements for candidacy are to be a New Zealand citizen and enrolled to vote,” the official said.

Radio Tarana debate

Speaking to the presenters of the ‘Sunday at 5’ programme on Radio Tarana on February 12, 2017, Mr Nauhria said that he and his party had full confidence in Mr Tomar and that there was no case of family or domestic violence involved.

“If it was a case of domestic violence, why did not the Police take any action? This is just a family problem. Tomar’s ex-wife wants custody of their son and hence has filed a complaint against Mr Tomar,” he said.

Despite repeated requests by the Radio Tarana hosts on air and through failed telephone contacts, Mr Tomar did not respond.

Indian Newslink sent an email to Mr Nauhria and Mr Tomar on February 4, 2017 informing them the story would be carried in our February 15, 2017 issue in view of the Family Court directions conference on February 9 and to obtain a response from the Electoral Commission.

Neither of them responded to our email.

The Allegations

The first call to us from Ms Tomar was on January 18, 2017, during which she mentioned about Mr Tomar and later followed up with a detailed email in which she said that she was no longer living with her husband.

“I was appalled to read Vin’s claim that he lives with his family (wife and son) in Mt Albert. He does not have a family as he does not know how to manage one. At the time of Vin becoming candidate for by-election, I was no longer living with him as I finally decided to leave him in early December after suffering ongoing psychological abuse including threats, intimidation for over eight years which escalated to physical violence last year. I had to obtain a protection order and get my child’s custody in order to escape further abuse,” she said.

“How can people of Mt Albert be expected to vote for someone who is involved in domestic violence. If he cannot take care of his family how can he take care of people and community of Mt Albert?” she asked.

Although neither Mr Nauhria nor Mr Tomar have responded to our earlier requests for comments, we would be happy to carry their observations on the allegations of Ms Tomar in our Web Edition, Facebook and Twitter. Our email is Readers are welcome to comment.


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