Mt Roskill needs a change for everyone’s good

Roshan Nauhria – mt-roskill-needs-a-change-roshan-nauhria

I hope Mt Roskill becomes New Zealand’s Home of Change.

Change is something I’m told many people don’t like.

I see things differently.

To me change brings many new and exciting opportunities, and in my

experience, is the only thing constant in life.

We can all see the wonder of change on Stoddard Road, where you can find a boat building workshop, a Lebanese Cafe and a Tongan Church that call each other neighbours.

You see it driving through Sandringham, a mixture of familiar and new shops filled with people and we all hear it on the streets of Three Kings, the many languages mixing as parents walk their children to school.

However, one place this change is not visible is in the representation of Mt Roskill in the New Zealand Parliament.

Unheard voice

The voice of Mt Roskill is one that needs to be heard in Parliament and this

year, at this By-Election we, the people of Mt Roskill have the opportunity to

achieve just that.

My candidacy to be MP for the people of Mt Roskill is an opportunity for all of us to come together and make a statement that will be heard across the entire nation. That here, in Mt Roskill, we believe that every man, woman and child should be given fair and equal representation.

That the ways of major parties assigning candidates for election is not our way.

Hoodwinking people

One or two different looking faces in a political party is not representation, it is

an attempt to satisfy us enough so that we will go away quietly.

We have tried that, some of here including myself even supported it but it hasn’t worked and now, more than ever, the people of Mt Roskill deserve to be represented by one of their own.

The voice, the face and the actions of the MP for Mt Roskill should reflect this electorate and what it stands for.

My vision is to lead this change and begin with greater attention to violent crimes that need to be made public.

I will be the one to do this and I believe that when the good people of New Zealand know of the horror that has been inflicted on so many and the climate of fear that has been created I am confident that the pressure we can collectively put to the government of the day will be forced to hear our united voice and take action.

Victim numbers rise

This year there were 11,000 more victims of crime in the Country compared to the same period last year. Burglaries are up by 12%, why is that?

I will tell you why; the people committing these crimes know more and more that they have a good chance of getting away with it and never being caught.

We must change that.

I will advocate for better living conditions for people in rental homes, work to see more employment opportunities created amongst the many small business owners and when a large group of students with legitimate concerns about their education take the time to come to see me I won’t turn my back.

I will make time for them no matter what the issue, big or small.

This is the change that I offer you as a candidate and this is the change that the members of the New Zealand People’s Party stand for.

We know that this campaign is a big challenge, but that does not scare us away and decide to leave it to the major parties to fight it out.

No, we have a different idea.

We don’t want to fight, trade insults and waste time and resources; we simply want to stand and offer a credible option to change the way New Zealand sees Mt Roskill.

I cannot do this alone; I need your help.

Change is not coming, it is here, it is right in front of me and tonight it is all around you – we are the change.

On December 3, 2016, the people of Mt Roskill have a choice, I am asking them tonight to make the choice for everyone and send a clear message: Mt Roskill wants change.

Roshan Nauhria is the Leader of the newly-formed New Zealand People’s Party and a candidate in the Mt Roskill by-election due to be held on December 3, 2016.

Please read our Editorial, “The fight gets tougher in Mt Roskill’ under Viewlink.


More than 300 people were present at the Fickling Convention Centre in Three Kings, Auckland on November 5, 2016 to hear Roshan Nauhria, Leader of the New Zealand People’s Party and candidate for Mt Roskill where a by-election will be held on December 3, 2016.

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