Multiple interests complement the will to succeed

If you would like to meet a Dancer (Bharata Natyam and Kathak), Singer, Harmonium player and a Chartered Accountant, you do not have to look for four different persons. There is someone in Auckland who is seeking proficiency in each of these, with a penchant for higher levels of achievements.

Nutan Bhat is an example of the young reaching out to the stars, with justifiable ambition and the means to reach them.

Her other interests, apart from playing the Harmonium (especially supporting her father at his vocal concerts), include Public Speaking, Essay Writing, Drawing, Singing and Photography.

Born in a musical family in India and raised in the Arab Gulf State of Oman, she is a replica of her father Balachandra Bhat in the pursuit of fine arts. He is a Chartered Accountant by profession and Hindustani Music singer by hobby, while her mother Lata evinces keen interest in writing, dancing and acting.

Nutan is a chip of the old block.

She said that her passion to learn new things and to make a difference have been key motivators in her pursuit of excellence as a singer, dancer and accountant

Academic Achievements

A fully qualified Chartered Accountant accredited by the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants preceded by a graduate degree in Commerce (B Com) with Accounting and Finance as major subjects with specialisation in Management and Employment Relations from the University of Auckland, she began her career as a Senior Accountant at Foodstuffs. She is currently employed as Financial Accountant at Vector, the power company.

“Apart from being pillars of support and guiding stars, my parents are also constructively critical and incredibly supportive of my foray into various fields. They have not spared any effort to promote my artistic and intellectual proclivities,” Nutan said, paying tributes to her parents.

Child Dancer

Dance was an integral part of her formative years, and almost as a reflex action, she would sway to music in any form. Her parents found the rhythmic pattern in her movements and decided to foster her dancing talent.

It was therefore little surprise that she commenced her dancing career when she was less than four years of age under a tutor in Muscat.

Kalakshetra style of Bharata Natyam was the style followed by her Guru and hence Nutan was initiated in this format. She later learnt the Kalamandalam style of Bharata Natyam predominant in Kerala.

A collaborative performance at a recent event inspired her to learn Kathak with seriousness and she enjoys this North Indian style of dance.

Soul language

Nutan believes that Dance is the language of the soul and expression of moods and vicissitudes.

“Therefore, shed your inhibitions and dance for yourself; it is an enriching and joyful experience. You could be very surprised of your capabilities,” she said.

Nutan said that sincerity of purpose and conscientious efforts help in her goal to make a difference in every undertaking.

“As an artiste, I aim to bring the joy and benefits of dance to the young. I do this by interacting with various community organisations to deliver programmes and workshops especially at schools. As a professional, I wish to understand the drivers of business success. I see myself at the helm of a corporate entity responsible for strategic business decisions. I hope to achieve this with a wider experience base and further study,” she said.

Avid performer

A recipient of awards, Nutan has several public performances to her credit in New Zealand, America and Oman. These include cultural festivals, events organised by clubs and associations and religious and spiritual bodies.

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