Multiple representations cover risks

With increasing risk in the modern world, Insurance has become the most important aspect in corporate and individual lives. A growing number of brokers and agents work with insurance companies to offer products and services to suit specific needs of corporate and individual customers.

There is also a pronounced need to inform the members of the communities from the Indian Sub-Continent of the variety of products available in Life and Non-Life Sectors, including Health, House, House Contents, Vehicles and a host of other items which must be covered in the modern risk-prone society. According to reports, a majority of these communities are either uninsured or underinsured.

With the ever-increasing pressure on the public health system, the need for Health Insurance is also greater today than ever before. Private practitioners including specialists and surgeons provide timely diagnosis, treatment and surgery. It is equally important to have in place a proper insurance policy that will save time and money.

We are fortunate to have a number of health insurance agents and brokers who provide advice and structure policies to suit all income groups.

Among them is Deo Sharan of DFS Insurance, offering the benefit of an extensive range of products and services offered by major insurers in New Zealand.

Agencies network

“New Zealand’s insurance sector is very competitive, while compliance can be time and cost consuming. I am aligned with an aggregator body that helps to educate and enable us to remain compliant, and updated with the latest trends in the financial sector. My strength is that I hold a number of agencies, covering a number of companies and recommend them to my clients to suit their needs,” he said.

While his Company is comparatively new, Mr Sharan has in the industry for more than ten years, dealing with a number of major insurers including Sovereign, American International, Fidelity Life, Dorchester Life and Partners Life.

“We provide insurance products and services covering life, medical, travel, inclusive trauma cover, income protection and mortgage protection, to mention a few. The key person benefits of our insurance products include total and permanent disability and funeral plans. We also arrange loans and have connections with a few second-tier lenders and have facilities for car loans and personal loans,” he said.

Product relevance

Mr Sharan said that while insurance is a challenging profession, success rests on the ability of insurers and agents to meet the specific needs of customers.

“Some people tell me that they are insured through their banks. I would like to request them to consider the benefits. How often do banks ask you if the insurance cover is adequate and whether they are relevant to your current circumstances? A good insurance agent will look after you when you are in need. Their service become even more important in the unfortunate event of death or disability,” he said.

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Photo Caption: Deo Sharan

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