Multitasker takes Miss Indianz title at glittering ceremony

Digital technology takes the 15th Edition to greater heights

Venkat Raman

Auckland, September 17, 2017

Valentine Fernandes, a Nurse-in-the-making, moonlighting three jobs in addition to being a spirited volunteer, convincingly took the title of Miss Indianz 2017 at a glittering ceremony at Town Hall, in Auckland’s Central Business District last night (Saturday, September 16, 2017).

More than 800 people were awed by the superb digital technology that formed a spectacular backdrop to the 15th annual beauty pageant, which its creator Dharmesh Parikh, Director, Reshab D Productions prefers to call, ‘A Cultural Extravaganza’ and an event that combines Beauty and Elegance.

Valentine, a young woman from New Plymouth, was also crowned, ‘Miss Talent’ and ‘Miss Popular’ in individual contests, which form an integral part of the main event to evince the wider interest of contestants and promote companionship.

There was a tie for the First Runner-Up position, shared by Shivon Raj and Pranika Arisht, both of who were noted for their presence of mind in the Q&A Round.

Karishma Ranchhod was declared the Second Runner-Up.

Valentine Fernandes

Her quick-witted and self-confident approach earned this young woman the coveted title. A student of Nursing at the Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki, Valentine pursues several interests including playing the guitar, walking along the beach and spending time with family and friends.

“Pageants are a great way of gaining new experiences, making friends and growing in oneself. Being able to participate in a pageant about my heritage, in a different country is a huge opportunity and a way for me to showcase my cultural diversity,” she said.

Pranika Arisht and Shivon Raj

If choosing the Title winner was a challenge, the panel of judges must have faced even a harder task of deciding on the First Runner-Up. Obviously, they had argued heavily and came up with a tie between Pranika Arisht and Shivon Raj and both were declared First Runner-Up, meaning that they would share the sash and the glory.

Pranika Arisht said that Miss Indianz was the perfect platform to connect with her heritage and roots.

Born in Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh (India), she moved to New Zealand when she was five years old and as such embraced the Kiwi accent and style of living, “but with a blend of Indian values,” she insisted.

“There is nothing wrong in participating in beauty pageants and I am keen to put an end to the stigma attached to these events. I am an undergraduate student studying medicine. I have excelled in academics and I believe that participating in Miss Indianz will allow me to connect with the young women of our generation who want to step out of their comfort zone and have fun with what life has to offer,” she had told us earlier.

Shivon Raj is a Marketing and Media Coordinator and hence understands show business and the attention it bestows on people.

Born in Leicester, England, she believes in empowering women and inspiriting them to challenge themselves and pursue their goals in life.

“I also want to challenge myself in a new way as I find it difficult to speak and present myself in front of large groups of people so I want to conquer this fear. Miss Indianz is a great platform to encourage confidence, showcase the intelligence, class and beauty of

Karishma Ranchhod

Karishma Ranchhod deserves our special appreciation.

Despite suffering from chronic Crohns Disease for the past eight years, she has been fulfilling her goals in life with dedication and devotion.

A second generation New Zealander (her father was born here), Karishma is studying to obtain her Bachelor’s degrees in Commerce and Health Sciences (Conjoint) at the University of Auckland.

“My parents have run a dairy in North Shore, Auckland for 20 years and therefore I understand the true meaning of hard work. Living in a family with my parents, two brothers and our grandmother has also taught me to love my siblings and my elders,” she said.

Karishma said that she has had her share of difficulties and was keen to inspire others and be the beacon of hope when faced with struggles.

“There is always light at the end of the tunnel,” she said.

Miss Indianz 2017

Full List of Winners

Miss Indianz: Valentine Fernandes

First Runner-Up: Pranika Arisht & Shivon Raj

Second Runner-Up: Karishma Ranchhod

Miss Popular: Valentine Fernandes

Miss Talent: Valentine Fernandes

Miss Friendship: Varsha Choudary

Miss Potential Model: Manvika Seth

Miss Photogenic: Davita Robertson

Photo Caption:

  1. Valentine Fernandes with the Runners-Up
  2. Valentine Fernandes: Miss Talent
  3. First Runners-Up Tied: Pranika Arisht and Shivon Raj
  4. Master of Ceremonies Hemant Parikh with the Winners and other contestants

(Pictures by Peter Jennings)

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