Musical Night elevates talented performer

Venkat Raman

The adage that Music transcends human barriers of nationality, religion and socio-economic status resounded at a school event last week in Auckland.

It also proved yet another fact- that age is no bar for proficiency and popularity.

Migrating to New Zealand three years ago, Bharati S (the initial could mean either of her parents Sonu and Shoba) has become the favourite of her peers, teachers, parents and an increasing number of the communities which whom she interacts.

Platform for growth

Called, ‘Senior Music Night,’ the event, held at the Green Bay High School where Bharati is a Year 11 student, was in many ways a stage for experiments.

Her rendition of the mashed version of ‘Ente Kannil Ninakkai Orukiya Swapnangal’ (from the 2014 Malayalam film, ‘Bangalore Days’) and James Arthur’s ‘Say You Won’t Let Go’ (from the 2016 Album ‘Back from the Edge’) could become a masterpiece if she decides to make it a part of her repertoire in all her concerts.

Bharati was even more gratified because she presented the two songs with her friend and accompanying artiste Enya Murphy.

Emotive similarity

There is a touching similarity between the two songs, despite their continental separation, distanced further by time and reach. The Malayalam song is about love and how that human emotion can be experienced in silence; that essence is captured again by Arthur when he expresses his longing for the girl who he is scared may slip by.

Creative progenitors

It is no surprise that Bharati has such innate talent; for she is a chip off the old block.

Her father Sonu Kumar is a creative cinematographer with an innovative mind, while her mother Shoba is a brand builder, assisting emerging businesses mature to become larger enterprises. She is also known for her innovative approach to marketing, advertising and other creative professions.

Bharati’s has yet another great lineage.

She is the granddaughter of K S Sethu Madhavan, a popular director in the South Indian film industry (predominantly Kerala) with more than 60 films and 23 State, National and Filmfare Awards to his credit.

Passion for Music

“Bharati has been a singer from a very early age and took to modelling when she was one-year old (!),” says Sonu, to which Shoba added, “We discovered her deep passion for music in her formative years when she would render songs of Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato (all young performers of her preceding generation). She has been featured in musical albums since she was eight years old.”

‘The Senior Music Night’ aims to provide a platform for students to showcase their compositions and musical prowess and for Bharati, who is specialising in Performing Arts, it was an important assignment.

Timely move

Sonu and Shobha believe that their move to New Zealand in Mid-2014 was propitious because the country provides them ample opportunities to grow.

“New Zealand provides Bharati international exposure and knowledge which align with her deep and clear vision of specialising in Performing Arts,” Sonu said.

Shoba said that cultural integration is among the best attributes of New Zealand.

“Bharati has strong leadership skills and her foray into performing arts is fortified by extensive support that she receives in addition to our encouragement. She is currently setting up her own studio and her goal is to have her own channel and music in addition to becoming an actor,” Shoba said.

As the teenager grows to realise her dreams and earn more accolades, she would also appreciate the fact that those were the dreams of her parents as well.

Sonu and Shoba personify thousands of people who migrate to New Zealand, apprehensive of their career and future but certain that the future of their wards would be resplendent.


Photo Caption:

  1. Bharati and Enya Murphy at the ‘Senior Music Night’
  2. Music has been Bharati’s passion since her early years

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