Musicians get together to recreate R D Burman melodies

Musicians get together to recreate R D Burman melodies

Dorothy Winstone Centre, May 25 at 630 pm

Venkat Raman

Hundreds of hours of selection of songs, musicians including vocalists and instrumentalists, stage settings, lights and sound have been invested to produce one of the finest tributes to Rahul Dev Burman (R D Burman) in Auckland later this month.

Again, the best attribute of ‘Suneheri Yaadein Pancham Magic’ coming under the banner of Swar Sadhana Academy of Indian Music and Ravi Shetty Concepts would be its exclusive team of local talent that can parallel, if given the appropriate opportunity, with those who claim to be the best in the Hindi film industry in India.

More than 50 people including artists and stage crew are putting together what promises to be ‘The Show of the Year,’ from 630 pm on Saturday, May 25, 2019, at Dorothy Winstone Centre, Auckland Girls Grammar School, located at Howe Street.

Tickets, priced at $20 are now on sale.

Sandya Badakere and Ravi Shetty are the two principals driving the event, inspired by scores of others who are giving their time, energy and competence to create a cultural and musical spectacle that will bring joy and pride to R D Burman fans and of course to the sponsors of the event and families of performers.

The Pancham Magic

Mr Shetty said that instruments played a major role in the compositions of R D Burman and hence it was a challenge to put together an orchestra that included most, if not all, that was a part of the ‘Pancham Magic.’

“We have formed a Band which has different sections. Much work has gone into the production already and we continue to rehearse and fine-tune our performance so that the audience can enjoy the evening,” he said.

He said that ‘Suneheri Yaadein 2019’ will have a Rhythm Range comprising Kristifer Kumar (Percussions), Navneel  Prasad (Tabla), Nigal Kishore (Electric Drums, Congo, Bongo and Percussions), Ron Kishore (Octapad and Percussions) and Vivek Anturkar (Tabla); a Keyboard Segment with Cloyd D’Mello and Hemant Thaker; a Brass Section featuring Amity and Greg Rogan on Saxophone, Clarinet and Flute; a Strings  Segment with Darshan Lange (Rhythm Guitar), Ravi Shah (Lead Guitar) and  Vishnu Sreekumar (Bass Guitar).

Supporting SPCA

Ms Badakere said that a part of the proceeds of the Programme will be donated to the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

SPCA believes that engaging, educating and building relationships with our communities is key to improving animal welfare in New Zealand, she said.

“SPCA is keen that all of should know how to look after their animals and give them the love and respect they deserve. Donations help the Organisation to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home thousands of animals in need every year. As well as a one-off donation, regular donations and leaving a gift in your will, there are many other ways you can support New Zealand’s animals,” Ms Badakere said.

About R D Burman

The great maestro (June 27, 1939 – January 4, 1994) R D Burman was a seminal music director of the Indian film industry. Also known as ‘Pancham’ he was the only son of the noted composer Sachin Dev Burman.

From the 1960s to the 1990s, RD Burman composed songs for 331 movies. He was active as a composer and as a vocalist for a few compositions.  His major work partners were Asha Bhosle (his wife) and Kishore Kumar.

He served as an influence on the next generation of Indian music directors, and his songs continue to be popular in India even after his death.

He popularised many actors, among the most famous of who was Rajesh Khanna, who passed away in Mumbai on July 18, 2012.

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