Nandini brings the finest legend of Rajam School of Violin

Venkat Raman

The Rajam Family must hold the world record for having produced three generations of superb violinists, each with an impressive list of accomplishments of global recognition.

While Dr N Rajam, the progenitor of the family has earned the third highest civilian award of the Indian government (Padma Bhushan), her daughter Dr Sangeeta Shankar is a Grammy Award Nominee and her elder granddaughter Ragini Shankar began at an early age to become a globetrotter.

Nandini Shankar, the youngest of them, generates piety and astonishment at each of her concerts at home and abroad.

Concert in Auckland

New Zealanders are fortunate that this vibrant artiste will be with us towards the end of the month for a Concert in Auckland.

She will be on stage at Dorothy Winstone Centre, Auckland Girls Grammar School, located at 16 Howe Street, Newton, Auckland on Saturday, June 30, 2018.

She will be accompanied by Basant Madhur and his nephew Akhil Madhur on the Tabla.

Sargam School of Indian Music is organising the programme titled, ‘Sounds of India,’ in association with ‘Gymkhana,’ bringing together several other artistes.

Other Performers

The event will feature a Vocal Jugalbandi by Seetha and Dr Anita Naik, Sargam School Orchestra of Sitars, Violins and Tablas and a classical dance number by Abhishek Ravi.

Tickets priced at $50 (VIP), $40 (‘A’ Reserve) and $25 (‘B’ Reserve) are now on sale.

Details can be obtained from Basant Madhur, Principal and Director of Sargam School of Indian Music on (09) 6262646 or 021-0357954.

A part of the proceeds of the Concert will be donated to ‘Shree Sanatan Dharam Hanuman Mandir’ in aid of its New Temple Project.

About the Family

Dr N Rajam is the pioneer of the revolutionary Gayaki Ang, which highly influenced the whole country to follow suit, so much so that she is now known as the Singing Violin.

Dr Sangeeta Shankar is one of the most charming musicians in today’s times and has carried forward the golden legacy of her mother and also ventured into various other fields.

Ragini Shankar is a born artiste, with a flair for all creative arenas, right from melodious music to intricate artwork.

Nandini Shankar

Nandini Shankar, one of the exceedingly talented daughters of Shankar Devraj and Dr Sangeeta Shankar, began her training in music from the tender age of three under the tutelage of her mother and illustrious grandmother.

Her progress has been enormously astonishing and she has reached a high level of proficiency on the violin.

Nandini gave her first public performance as a young eight-year old at the Bharat Bhavan Cultural Center, a multi-faceted center for the performing arts, in Bhopal. She gave her first full-fledged solo concert when she was just 13, in Dharwad, Karnataka.

Thereafter, she has performed in many prominent music festivals like the Europalia (In Belgium and Canada), Sawai Gandharva (Pune), Saptak (Ahmedabad), ITC Sangeet Sammelan (Delhi), Jaya Smriti (Hema Malini’s yearly tribute), Delhi International Arts Festival, Bhilwara Sur Sangam, Ganga Mahotsav (Varanasi), Aarohi organised by Pancham Nishad Creatives Private Limited, MERU, IMG in Mumbai, Banaras Hindu University, Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan (Mumbai), Music Academy (Chennai), Kala Academy (Goa), Shruti Mandal (Jaipur), Maihar, Durgyana Mandir (Amritsar).

She has also been telecast in ‘Idea Jalsa.’

Apart from having appeared on many platforms all over the country, she has also performed abroad extensively in countries like USA, Canada, Germany, France, Netherlands, Hungary, Belgium, Singapore and Malaysia. Nandini has been highly applauded by music enthusiasts for being one of the most promising faces of Indian Classical music.

She is a part of ‘Sakhi,’ the first all-girl Indian classical band, conceptualised by Kaushiki Chakraborty.

About Basant Madhur

Basant Madhur established Sargam School of Indian Music in 2006 to provide education and training in Indian Classical Vocal and Instrumental Music.

The School aims to preserve and promote the rich cultural and social heritage of India among the Indian Diaspora and other ethnic groups.

“Music unifies people and creates peace, harmony and goodwill. The forthcoming Programme is another prestigious event that our School has conducted over the years. It will also provide an opportunity to showcase our local talent on a platform that will encourage promotion of our fine arts,” he said.

Among the students of Sargam School of Indian Music are of Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan, Malaysian, Fijian, Tongan, Afghani, Chinese, European, American, South African and New Zealander origin.

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