National launches ‘Hoardings War’

New Zealanders need not be reminded about the General Election on November 26, as they would find billboards staring at them at every turn on our roads.

The war on hoardings accentuated as Prime Minister John Key ‘hammered to the ground’ a new series of seven billboards in Hamilton on October 11.

He said New Zealanders faced an important choice.

“They will choose whether to support a strong, stable National-led Government that remains focused on the things that matter or Opposition parties that advocate complicated new taxes and increased borrowing,” he said at the launch.

He said each of the seven hoardings featured a part of National’s plan to grow the economy, build exports, create jobs, reduce debt and improve public services.

These were in fact issues that Labour is leading with its campaign.

“Kiwi families understand that New Zealand and the world have faced significant challenges in the past three years. The National-led Government has worked hard to take the rough edges off the recession for the vulnerable and at the same time get our books back in order sooner.

“An earlier return to surplus gives future governments more choices, and National is focused on that goal,” Mr Key said.

The seven hoardings feature the following messages: 1. Balance the Books Sooner 2. More Exports, More Real Jobs 3. Rebuilding Christchurch 4. Tax and Welfare Incentives for Work 5. Building Roads, Rail and Fast Broadband 6. Less Debt and Lower Interest Rates and 7. Staying Strong on Crime.

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