National MP says fuel tax crippling migrant communities

Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi

Wellington, June 28, 2018

The Labour-led coalition Government went in to the 2017 General Election promising Kiwis that they will not introduce any new taxes.

I don’t think I will be wrong in saying that they have broken this promise along with a host of other pre-election promises.

All that this Government has done since coming October last year is to introduce new taxes and form new working groups.

At a time when petrol prices are peaking and make life harder for Kiwis by placing constrains on our spending, we have a government that wants to fill its own coffers at the expense of everyday families.

Ripple effect

Recently I filled up my gas tank. Already the cost of it has risen by $15.

Now in the time to come when the Government imposes further taxes I can imagine the impact that this will have on all of us.

The ripple effect of higher oil prices due to taxation will without doubt be passed on to our food and all other items of need in an average Kiwi household.

This may well start the cycle of people buying less and our economy slowing down.

Small and medium enterprises will start producing less and employ less people.

Electorate experience

A number of our small and medium enterprises are located in my electorate of Manukau East.

Recently I met quite a few of them and these are their sentiments that I share with the house today.

The crippling effects of this Labour Government’s taxes are not limited to our small to medium enterprises.

People in my electorate of Manukau East that I recently met during an event have shared with me that it appears the purpose of them working hard is not to support their families rather it is to pay taxes so that this ideology led government can continue to pay for its working groups.

Migrants’ dreams shattered

A number of people from the migrant communities too have shared similar thoughts.

Their thinking on moving to New Zealand is to work hard, contribute to the local economy and save for a better future here.

However, when all their hard work has to go towards paying for ideological working groups then one loses the motivation.

National’s record

During the New Zealand National Party’s time in Government we provided record investment in new roading projects across New Zealand.

We invested immensely in public transport as well as new transport technologies.

It was our far sightedness that delivered us the Victoria park Tunnel, the Western Ring Route and the improved Waterview connection in Auckland

It was our efforts that delivered widening of lanes on the Southern motor way or the urban cycleway or the Puhoi to Warkworth project.

We need a mixture of roads and improved public transport for New Zealanders.

New Zealanders deserve better decision making from their Government, such decision making certainly doesn’t involve paying extra taxes for ideological reasons.

Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi is a Member of Parliament on National Party List.

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