New Primary School at Flat Bush coming up

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Minister also announces new schools in Tauranga and Canterbury

The fast-growing East Auckland suburb of Flat Bush will soon have a new Primary School catering to Years 1-6 students, Education Minister Hekia Parata has announced.

The ‘Flat Bush South East School’ will be a part of the Public Private Partnership Schools.

Ms Parata said that Flat Bush has seen a growing volume of private developments as well as Special Housing Areas leading to a lot of young families moving into the area.

“The School’s roll is expected to eventually reach 700,” she said.

On Friday, February 3, 2017, Ms Parata signed three establishment notices establishing three primary schools that included the ‘Pyes Pa West School’ in Tauranga and ‘Lincoln South Primary School in Canterbury.

All three schools will be open for enrolment in 2019.

Tauranga School

‘Pyes Pa West School’ will be built on Kennedy Road in Tauranga and will introduce Year 7 classes in 2020 and Year 8 in 2021. The new school is expected to reach a roll of around 650.

“Estimated to cost $18 million, this School will help meet the educational needs of the growing number of young families in Tauranga,” Ms Parata said.

She said that the government would finalise the location of the ‘Lincoln South Primary School’ in Canterbury shortly.

Formally establishing the school now enables the Establishment Board of Trustees to be appointed and planning to get underway so the school is ready to open in 2019, she added.

Canterbury School

“Lincoln South Primary School will be a full primary school (Years 1-8). The first stage of the $14 million project will cater for 450 students with a final roll of 700. Bringing the establishment of ‘Lincoln South School’ forward to 2019 will help ease the pressure on Lincoln Primary School and will cater for the continued population growth this community is experiencing,” Ms Parata said.

“Like all our new schools, these three will have state-of-the-art buildings that enable the best possible teaching and learning environment for staff and students,” she added.

Boards of Trustees

Ms Parata said that her ministry would soon appoint Boards of Trustees for these schools and that each Board would in turn appoint a Foundation Principal, determine the School Policy and governing practices.

“These Boards will play a significant role in designing their new school. There are many exciting opportunities ahead as they develop schools that reflect the needs and aspirations of their local communities,” she said.

About the New Schools

Flat Bush South East School is one of six schools to be built under the Third Public Private Partnership (PPP) of the Education Ministry. The PPP will design, finance and construct the schools, as well as maintain them for 25 years, allowing the School Board to focus on teaching and learning rather than maintaining their buildings.

A PPP private partner is responsible for designing, building, financing and maintaining the school property for the term of the contract (25 years from the opening of the schools).

The Education Ministry pays the private partner quarterly, with this payment reduced if the school facilities do not meet with standards specified in the contract.

This effectively provides a 25-year guarantee on the buildings and service delivery.

The ‘Pyes Pa West School’ is a part of an $882.5 million investment in education infrastructure announced as part of the 2016 Budget.

Lincoln South School is a part of the $1.137 billion Greater Christchurch Education Renewal Programme.


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