New Zealand expertise for Childcare Centre in Mumbai

Venkat Raman

Auckland based Rainbow Group of Companies, which specialises in childhood care, is establishing an Early Childcare Centre in Mumbai, India, the first of its kind outside New Zealand.

The Centre, located in Walkeshwar, one of the most affluent suburbs in South Mumbai, will follow ‘Te Whariki’ (Early Childhood Education) Curriculum.

Advanced Curriculum

Director Rrahul Dosshi said that Te Whariki is one of the most advanced and well researched curriculums for children under five years of age in the world.

“Mumbai will be the first city in the world outside New Zealand where children will be taught Te Whariki in its full essence,” he said.

His wife Bhavini, who is currently in Mumbai finalising plans for the formal opening of the Centre on September 15, 2018, said that Te Whariki does not prescribe formal subject teaching.

“It is founded on the aspirations for children – to grow up as competent and confident learners and communicators, healthy in mind, body, and spirit, secure in their sense of belonging and in the knowledge that they make a valued contribution to society,” she said.

Mr Dosshi said that this Curriculum defines how to achieve progress in early childhood learning environments.

East Tamaki Complex

Meanwhile, work on a multi-purpose, state of the art facility is fast progressing in East Tamaki, lifting the Rainbow Corner Group to a higher level.

The Complex, housing several facilities, will cater to almost all the needs of a young family with children under five years of age.

“It would be a purpose-built childcare facility with a rainforest theme in the playground, café which will cater healthy, unprocessed freshly prepared food to children and a Medical Centre with a dedicated sick bay so that if in an unfortunate situation the child does fall sick they are looked for medical professionals till the time the parents come back from work,” Mr Dosshi said.

Further details will appear in our next issue.

The Rainbow Corner Group of Companies is the Title Sponsor of the Eleventh Annual Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards (November 26), the Eighth Annual Indian Newslink Sir Anand Satyanand Lecture (July 9) and the Fifth Annual Indian Newslink Sports & Community Awards (October 8).

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  1. Rrahul and Bhavini Dosshi
  2. An artist’s impression of the East Tamaki Campus

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