New Zealand First thanks National MP

Winston Peters

Wellington, Sunday, May 14, 2017

We can thank National MP Alfred Ngaro for exposing the true nature of the National Party in 2017.

National will use any tactic, shady or illegal, to get their political way, as told in the article, People in glass houses start throwing election stones.

As it is written by one of National’s biggest acolytes, Tim Murphy, we can take it to be true. It is so bad it even put the frighteners up Tame Tim.

It is what many of us know, that the National Party of old has changed.

What National is doing is cutting people off at the knees, regardless of what they are doing in the community, if they don’t agree with National’s neo-liberal, Right-wing agenda.


Editor’s Note: The News Room article referred above can be read on our Web Edition posted today.

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