New Zealand Muslims to mark Eid Al Fitr tomorrow

Venkat Raman (Indian Newslink)

Auckland, July 15, 2018

Muslims in New Zealand will mark Eid Al Fitr tomorrow, Saturday, June 15, 2018.

Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand (FIANZ), which is the apex body of Muslims based in Wellington, announced on Friday that since the New Moon was not sighted, today- Friday- will be the last day of the Holy Month of Ramadan and that Eid Prayers followed by Eid celebrations will be held on Saturday.

Devotion and Sacrifice

In a message to Indian Newslink, FIANZ President Hazim Arafeh said that Eid Al Fitr is celebrated as the culmination of a month of devotion, sacrifice and sharing with others in the hope that Ramadan had inscribed in our spirits as human beings principles that will strengthen our efforts to the end.

“This is an occasion for thanksgiving and forgiveness and signifies openness of the mind. It is an occasion for family and friends to partake in good food and to strengthen our friendships and bonds,” he said.

Mr Arafeh said that Ramadan is the time when Muslims, even as they continue with their daily routines, strive to become even better by strengthening our faith, carrying out more deeds of social responsibility and expressing gratitude to the Almighty for every blessing that we have received.

Intense Supplication

“During Ramadan, Muslims celebrate life with intense supplication so that they may rejoice in this world and in the hereafter. The month of Ramadan is also about doing good work for society,” he said.

Eid festivities will begin tomorrow with Prayers at Mosques and Islamic Centres, followed by exchange of greetings and the Eid feast.

Festivities in New Zealand

Festivities will be held throughout New Zealand and the traditional three-day events will commence tomorrow. Thousands of Muslims will offer their Eid Prayers at Jamia Masjid Al Mustafa, located at 26 Mangere Road in Otahuhu. Similar Prayers will be held at all other Mosques and Islamic Centres in Auckland, Hamilton, Palmerston North, Bay of Plenty, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.

The Ahmadiyya community will assemble for Eid Prayers at their Masjid Baitul Muqeet, located at 20 Dalgety Drive, Manukau, Auckland.

Eid will also be celebrated at Auckland’s Eden Park tomorrow from 830 am to 6 pm, organised by ‘New Zealand Eid Day.’

We wish all our Muslim brothers and sisters in New Zealand and rest of the world Eid Mubarak.


Photo Caption:

  1. Jamia Masjid Al Mustafa, based in Otahuhu in South Auckland is one of the largest in New Zealand
  2. Baitul Muqeet Mosque of Ahmadiyyas in Auckland

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