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Roshan Nauhria

Auckland, September 15, 2017

We have come to the pointy end of this election.

It seems like a rollercoaster ride these past six weeks. We have lost three Party leaders, policies have changed on the fly and even now an MP who use to work with Chinese spies.

While this is all very exciting and entertaining, it does nothing to help improve the lives of New Zealanders. While all these other dramas have been the main focus of media attention, the details of various policies have seen little attention. This is to the detriment of voters whom are trying to make informed choices. We have been very clear in our policies and our priorities going into this election. We specifically chose three specific issues you had told us were important to you.

Our Immigration Policy

Our immigration policy will ensure families can be reunited in New Zealand and put down strong familial roots that grow communities and make the economy more prosperous. I have also made it a priority to do the right thing by all the international students currently in New Zealand. These students have put themselves into financial hardship to study in New Zealand with promises of permanent residence. We should all be ashamed at the way our government has treated these students. They are people, not cash cows.

ur view on Law and Order

Law and order is important to all of us, I am sick of waking up and reading of yet another robbery, assault, or home invasion in New Zealand communities. Our policies have been carefully crafted to create a safer country. The cornerstone of our law and order policy is the pegging of police numbers as a proportion of the population. Every election year we seem to get more police but in the years between as the population grows the number of polices stays stagnant. We are proposing to change this and give long term stability to the NZ Police and create safe communities for families.

The Housing Issue

The other key issue for us has been housing. The rapidly rising house prices has essentially locked an entire generation out of owning a house in Auckland. The massive amounts of money required these days just to put a deposit on a house is out of reach for most young Aucklanders and many New Zealanders. We are proposing to give Auckland first home buyers a 5 year interest free loan on up to $100,000 to go towards their deposit. This will mean home ownership isn’t limited to just those with wealthy parents. Outside of Auckland we are proposing a more modest $60,000.

Small but Good

We are a small party and we are new to politics. Our policies I have outlined above are just a taste of what we plan to do in the future. We are always on the lookout for passionate people to get involved with the party. The polls are open, you can go into a polling location any day between now and September 23. You do not need a special reason to vote in advance.

I and the other candidates of New Zealand People’s Party have had an amazing time attending your events and getting to know you and now we need your support. When you get into that polling both make sure you tick “New Zealand People’s Party” in the ‘Party Vote’ column on the left.

Roshan Nauhria is Leader of the New Zealand People’s Party.

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