Nileshna Narayan

Nileshna Narayan is Regional Director for CrestClean in South and East Auckland.

She and her husband, Viky, own the Master Franchise rights to this large sector of the commercial cleaning industry, which includes over 75 CrestClean franchisee teams, many of them owned by women.

Last year, their successes were rewarded in the community with the ‘Business Excellence in Marketing Award’ at the Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards 2014.

Flourishing women

“The glass ceilings have been shattered and women are found in every line of business in New Zealand. The challenges and opportunities provided to women in the digital era are growing rapidly and, in many cases, job seekers are becoming job creators. We are flourishing as designers, interior decorators, exporters, publishers, garment manufacturers and, like me, business owners.”

“Even though women in New Zealand are recognised and more prominent in the business world than in many other countries, there are always new avenues of economic participation to explore and new ways to make businesses work for women, which is what I try to do at CrestClean.”

“We have made owning a CrestClean franchise fit well with family life. The flexible scheduling allows many of our husband and wife teams to share time with their children and I am amazed by how well they are able to balance their work and family time, without sacrificing customer service. The women of our CrestClean teams are continually praised for their outstanding standard of work. Much of my job is supporting them and helping them discover ways to grow their own businesses, which is one of our greatest strengths.”

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